Monday, December 8, 2014

Malapit na sa Christmas!

Its getting super close to Christmas and I'm loving every second of this great season!

This last week we had our "4-week reunion" i guess you could call it... All of my batch and their trainers came to Cauayan and we got to see how everyone was doing and just get some extra training that we probably wouldnt have remembered on the first day just because we were chickens with our heads cut off that day haha! Crazy to see how some of my friends from the MTC have changed in just these last few weeks!

Things are really starting to heat up over here for Christmas and I LOVE it! The work has been going great! We are teaching an older woman who wants to become united with her family and she is soooooo willing to keep her commitments and actually learn for herself which has been such a blessing! She's the sweetest old lady ever!! haha she has no teeth so it makes it all the better! But we are going back over there tonight to teach her again and have a family home evening with them!!! Super excited because we are going to watch the "Joy to the World" DVD and gosh it just amazes me every time I think about the birth of the Savior! Our mission president asked us to really get to know the Christmas story! And holy cow have I learned soooo much more than I used to know! He also told to really come to know who Mary and Joseph were... They were bound to become the earthly parents of the Only Begotten Son so they must have been a lot more than just average Joe's for God to choose them! WOW!

Ha speaking of Joe... I get called that every so often.. along with Americano haha I guess I dont look as filipino here as i do back home! haha but its fun! I usually shout back "hello filipino!" and they laugh a little because a lot of times its kids...

Gosh i love the kids here! If i'm having a bad day the kids make it better every time! They're so innocent and fun and a really good way to learn tagalog haha

But yeah... prayers are goin out to the people in the way of Typhoon Ruby... I dont know if youve even heard about it but it has been a huge deal over here. Our mission isnt directly affected (besides a ton of rain) but again prayers goin out to people where it is a problem....

This week has been great though! Love the members. Love the people (most of them ;) and Love being a missionary! Couldnt ask for much more!

But I wont bore you too much this week! I hope everyone has a great Christmas season and always remember the best gift ever given... Jesus Christ. Speaking of the gift!!! Its the best not gonna lie! He is the source of true happiness!

Thanks for all the support! :)

Elder Navarro

A visit to the mission home with comp Elder Saguire

Inside the Tryci, common mode of transport. Motorcycle sidecar

FHE and dinner with Quijencio Family

FHE and dinner with Quijencio Family


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