Monday, December 28, 2015


Hello Friends and Family!

Hope you all had a Maligayang Pasko! (Merry Christmas) Ours was great! Our Christmas week was full of different events! On Monday night, our district went caroling at one of the local hospitals here in Cauayan! It was kind of funny to see the reaction of people when foreigners, filipinos, and half foreigner/filipino's walk in wanting to sing to sick people. But it was a great event! The nurse gave us pretty much a tour of the whole hospital, and we got to sing Christmas Carols to young people, old people, and everyone in between. I was so grateful for the opportunity to sing and at least do our best to lift people's spirits in the Christmas season... Who wants to be in the hospital for Christmas? So I'm glad we did that, and we felt the spirit of the Lord for sure in those rooms.

The next day, we had exchanges with the Assistants. I was with Elder Monilla again. But we didnt just have a regular day, we got to go to Mabini to become Santa. An Elder who has already gone home, sent a TON of stuff to deliver to people for Christmas. So Elder Monilla and I delivered food, soap, rice, and some extra candy to some really really humble people. Their eyes lit up when they saw the well needed food and supplies that really were a tender mercy for these people.

Christmas was an awesome day. We tried to work even harder on Christmas day. We were able to talk to a lot of people and share a lot of messages about Christ and His birth. And plus we got fed a TON of food. Then at the end of the day, there was that peaceful confirmation that we had done our best.

The branch Christmas Party was awesome! Sylvia Pascua was able to come as well as some investigators of the Sister's. The Branch is really close with one another and it made it just an great time. We played games, gave presentations, and all kinds of stuff. The missionaries also became judges for some of the contests. And then of course, we ate a lot of food. 

It has been a great week! This week is transfer week for us. Neither of us are transferring so we get another cycle together! Wahoo! But I know that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I want to bear a last Christmas testimony :) I know Christ was born to save us from our sins, IF we come unto Him. He is the one called "Wonderful. Counselor, The Mighty God, The Prince of Peace" May we feel His presence in our lives! Have a great week and New Years!

Elder Navarro

Monday, December 21, 2015

Maligayang Pasko

Hello Friends and Family... Merry Christmas!

I'm so honored to be a missionary at this special time of the year! Just want to wish everyone a MALIGAYANG PASKO!

We've been seeing good things happen this week in our area. We been focusing on a family this week that really has started to progress, even though they are fairly new named the Lahoz family. In our first few lessons, we felt impressed to go over the entire L1, and it was definitely the right thing to do because by the end, they were wide eyed and asking a lot of really great questions. Then as we returned yesterday (with a fellowshipper who knows them well), Brother Lahoz said at the end of the lesson, "Yes. I'm interested. I'm going to read [The Book of Mormon]."

Another thing we've been doing that has been fun is caroling contacting! These past couple days we've been going around to as many houses as we can and saying, "Hello! Would it be alright if we could sing a Christmas song to you?" (We say that because if we don't, they'll think we're just trying to get money haha) and then we sing "Joy to the World" to them! Afterwards, we introduce ourselves as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and ask if we could share a message with them that #aSaviorisBorn. In this time of Christmas, the feeling is soooooo good! I wish I could describe the smallest part of how much I love Christmas! And how much its not about the lights, or the trees, or the presents, but its about a little boy who was born one night in a manger. Who is the Savior of the world!

We had a Christmas Devotional with the whole District and President and Sister Rahlf. Almost like  a mini version of what we did in our Christmas Devotional just for the missionaries. But both times for sure, the spirit undeniably testified to my heart personally that Jesus is the Christ! Especially, I've found, in the singing of the Hallelujah Chorus! I dont know why, before the mission, it was just another choir song, but as I strive to understand what that song really means, it makes it almost look and sound a lot different! "And He shall reign forever and ever!" "King of Kings and Lord of Lords!" "HALLELUJAH!" 

This is the best time of the year to let people know about the birth and life of our Savior Jesus Christ! I wish I could describe how much I love testifying of the Savior! President Rahlf taught about something this last week that was really cool. Its good to give Christmas Presents around this time of year, but let us strive to also have a Christmas Presence in our homes and communities this year! Pinapatotohanan ko na #IsinilangAngIsangTagapagligtas para sa iyo, sa akin, at sa ating lahat! 

Elder Navarro

Monday, December 14, 2015

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Hello Family and Friends!

I cant believe how close it is to Christmas! The Christmas season has been really long because they start celebrating in September in the Philippines! I love it! And I love and am grateful for the AMAZING and GREAT opportunity to be a missionary at this special time of the year, testifying of Our Father's love for us in sending His Only Begotten Son! There is no greater calling than to testify of the Savior! A Savior truly was born.

The work has been going GREAT this week. The baptism went really well, I, for sure, felt the spirit and talking to Evangelyne afterwards, she did as well. We're going to do our best to make sure she is strong and hopefully bring her family along with her. We were also happy to see 4 investigators at church this week! We also contacted a referral from our Branch Mission Leader named Chatto. He was one of the most prepared investigators I've ever met! Gosh, when we got there we just started talking about his life, his family, his work, and what not. He really like talking so then he got started on all these religious things he's faced in his life. He is very practiced in the Bible. He talked about the Second Coming of Christ and how the world is really becoming worse and worse. But then he started on a path I wasn't expecting. He said, "I've noticed that from the beginning of time in the Bible, God has called prophets to warn the people and to teach His Gospel. I remember reading in... oh... what was that verse....Ay! Amos 3:7, where God will reveal His secrets unto the Prophets... I wonder if there is a prophet today... I believe there should be... I just don't know who he is." My heart started warming up like crazy! And it didn't end there! He said "I've noticed that many religions only focus on one part of the Gospel of Christ... (then mentions some other churches) but where is the whole truth? I remember reading where Paul talked about the need for a "restitution" of things... I'm just waiting when thats going to be" Gosh that just put comfort to my heart and strengthened my testimony that anyone who sincerely searches for truth will be led to the Church of Jesus Christ. I was so happy that we had answers to his questions and evidence of the truthfulness of the Restoration.

We also got to watch the Christmas Devotional! It was great! I really enjoyed hearing the Christmas story from Elder Bednar! I think that this definitely needs to be a part of our Christmas traditions every year.

I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ! I'm so glad to be a missionary testifying of these things! Hope you have a great holiday season as well! 

Elder Navarro

Monday, December 7, 2015

Malapit na ang Pasko!

Hello Family and Friends!

I wont make this one super long... But Elder Treyes and I are so excited for Evangelyne Lago this week! She passed the baptismal interview and is good to go for this Saturday! I feel as though her testimony is strong and she is starting to get really involved with the branch young women. We've talked to the YW President about her and she already has a friend at church (a recently returned less-active). This past week, we have started to be a lot more bold with our investigators, especially the ones who haven't progressed in a while. It's helped us really see who is really willing to make and keep commitments and who aren't quite ready for the gospel yet. We have met a few families that (so far) have seem prepared. One family, the Mariano's, have already kept all the commitments of reading, which has made the lessons a lot more in depth and clear for them.

Got to go on exchanges with Elders Castillo and Fernandez this last week! They are 2 hardworking missionaries! Loved the experience with them and learned a lot from them.

I'm really starting to sense the big time of the season which is the Spirit of Christmas and the Spirit of Christ. Its the greatest thing in the world to be a missionary at this wonderful time of the year! The feeling is just a little brighter for all people! And being able to testify of the divine mission and importance of the Savior Jesus Christ is beyond any feeling in the world. I know He lives and is the Son of God. I have seen the comfort he gives to all those who come unto Him! I've seen it specifically in the life of Evangelyne Lago as she comes into the fold of Christ!

Sorry this one is shorter!

Elder Navarro

p.s. Have a great Christmas Season!


Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Family and Friends,

We had a great week! We had a lot going on this week in terms of MLC, deliveries, exchanges, and regular missionary work. I wouldn't have it any other way! Our investigator Evangelyne is doing great! She's still saving money every week to come to church, even though she lives so far away. Her mother and father are there in all of our lessons with her and they promised to come to her baptism when the day comes. Her father is a less-active member and her uncle also came and has been listening to us! I love this family and feel just such a strong desire to help them come back to church! They know they need to, but life happened and got a little lost in work and other responsibilities. A little disappointed as well with some investigators not making it to church last week, but we're doing our best to help them understand.

Our exchanges with Elders Posadas and Frei went very well! Elder Posadas and I had a great day of work! We also were able to be in all kinds of situations that day; first contact lessons, helping investigators prepare for baptism, resolving different concerns from money to desire, working with members, etc. Elder Posadas is such a humble missionary, and just wants to do the right thing.

In just reflecting on my whole mission and really focusing on the Savior even more with the Christmas season coming full swing, I've had a lot of self-evaluation and have definitely felt the need for repentance. I'm learning so much about being a consecrated missionary and how much more it is than just being obedient and reaching goals... it really is who you become, and that shows in EVERYTHING you do. I'm definitely far from it, but constantly strive to be more like the Savior. Especially in facing opposition and discouragement in the mission. I just want to do what's right. I'm thankful for the Savior and love Him with all I have.

Also had a GREAT Thanksgiving dinner and week! I literally wish I could just share everything that happens in every lesson, every contact, every meeting, every study session! But its impossible.

I want to also encourage everyone to check out the Church's site about Christmas! The videos and different things there are very inspiring! I add my testimony that this is the time to celebrate the Birth of Our Savior! A Savior really was born in a small town a long time ago! I know that we can learn of Him, as we study His word, live His teaching, serve others, and share His gospel!

Love you all have a great week!

Elder Navarro


Monday, November 23, 2015

Big Faith in Luna

Hello family and friends!

This week has been a great one! Our prayers have really been answered as we've seen many miracles that have come forth from peoples ACTIONS. One example is Evangelyne! Sister Evangelyne has such great faith! Her family is very very poor (this is the girl that is praying to be able to finish schooling). We have really been working with her, and her desire is huge to be baptized and come to church, but the only problem is she lives super far away from the church! As in really far... so thats been a problem, these past 2 weeks she has come to church! And we found out how this last week. Everyday she receives 50 pesos for lunch (which is just a little over 1 US dollar). So what she decided to do is save 10 pesos everyday so at the end of the week on Sunday, she can pay for the total of 44 pesos to make it to and from the church building! She's been to church twice already and Elder Treyes and I are so humbled to see her faith in action. The Lord does provide a way, but it won't happen if we just sit down and wait for solutions to come to us. She's been a huge inspiration for me!

And sometimes its amazing to see how far things have come! It has also been a privilege to work with the priests in the branch! They are so eager to come and work with us! I immediately started thinking about when I was a priest being able to go with the missionaries every once in a while to work with them! Seeing their excitement and also their fears and worries reminds me so much of myself when I was in their position... its weird being on the other side as the missionary thats been out for over a year! haha and just figures, that day we went on splits with the priests, we got rejected a ton of times! People were pretty mean about it too! (which doesnt happen too much in the Philippines)

But I just know that this is the true Church of Christ! The Gospel was restored and as recently returned Elder Aldous has said, nothing can change the fact that the church was restored! Nothing can change the fact that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and that Christ visited in the Americas. Nothing can change the fact that we have a living prophet! Its history! And I add my testimony to the many that these things are true!

Also as I've ponderized Moroni 7:48, I've noticed that when I pray to be "filled with this love" even more trials to my patience come. I love the Lord and know He works in the best ways for us!

Thank you for all and Keep the Faith!

Elder Navarro


Monday, November 16, 2015

Beautiful Country!

Hello Family and Friends!

So this week was really really busy! We just had a ton of events happening this week that really made it go fast! So last Monday we had some orientation for driving in the Philippines! In case you dont know, driving here is a lot different than driving in the states. Sister Rahlf described it as like playing Mario Kart in real life! And in some ways, it really is! Then got to go get a license and all that jazz. Wednesday, we had to go all the way to Tuguegarao with some stops along the way to deliver some things... Tuguegarao is a little far so it took the WHOLE DAY! Haha I thought about it, and it was like driving from Nampa to Salt Lake City and back all in one day! So that was interesting! But I did get to see my old area in Tugue! And then we got to teach some new leaders at the new leaders training for the District Leaders.

But one of the coolest things that happened this week was we got to go to a school for special children to donate 2 air conditioning systems for them! The school put on a little program for us including ribbon cutting, kids dancing the Cha Cha, and some food. But it was so cute to see the kids! I became like an official photographer for the event haha!

This week we were able to see a lot of Less-actives come back to church! The branch is just awesome! The people are really really nice and fun to be with! One of our investigators really inspired me! Her name is Evangelyne Lago and she lives in our farthest area! Probably 45 minutes away by tricycle and her family is just dirt poor... Her mother wasnt educated as a kid and cant read and because of their situation, she has to stop school... Public schools here have expenses. So we heard her pray the other day and she asked if there was any way that she could hopefully continue schooling. Got me thinking of all the times I didnt want to wake up early in the morning and go to school... that feels like a selfish, ungrateful act now.. But she has a strong testimony of the gospel! We watched the Restoration video with her and her mom, and the spirit was POWERFUL! Her mom afterward kept telling us how good a feeling she felt! In our next lesson with them, we gave her mom a Book of Mormon, and she said that that was the best gift ever given to her. Its even more amazing when you think she cant even read it. But we're working with them a lot. Last sunday, they somehow found the means to come to church! Seeing her walk up to the entrance with a big smile on her face MADE MY DAY!

I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ! He lives. We have a living prophet today on the earth and how important it is to make it known to the inhabitants of the Earth! There is no better calling! :)

Mahal ko kayong lahat! Sana'y magiging maganda at maayos ang inyong mga week :)

Elder Navarro


Monday, November 9, 2015

New Area, New Adventures

Hello family and friends,

I'll probably keep this one a little shorter just because of time constraints, but this week has been crazy! Said goodbye to all the people I knew in Santiago and got ready to meet my new area. Even though I really wasnt in that area for too long, it was still sad to say goodbye to some of them. But my new area is... Cauayan! Yup, finally got assigned in the middle of the mission and get to experience the actual Cauayan! Excited for this new area and a new assignment with housing!!

The work has already been going really really well! I love all of the members and the investigators in this area! The people are very very nice! We have an investigator named Evangeline that has a huge testimony of the gospel! She reads the Book of Mormon every day, and is just doing great! The only problem is that her house is so far away from the church that they have a really hard time making it on Sunday's. So we're trying to find members that live really close that can help her with transportation.

My new companion is Elder Treyes from Bacolod. He's an awesome Elder who really has a gift of seeing people as they are! He's cool and excited to work with him!

My personal studies have really been focused on Prophecies and the fulfillment of them lately. Its been a testimony builder to see how Christ used ancient scripture to show that he was the fulfillment of the coming of a Savior. Prophecies He used to show that he would be betrayed as "the stone that the builder's rejected." It seems to be a pattern through all prophets, including those in the Book of Mormon. The book of Mormon and the Bible being the Stick of Ephraim and the Stick of Joseph. The prophets realizing that they were the fulfillment of the "voice crying out of the dust" I know that all the prophecies made by the prophets WILL BE FULFILLED!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Navarro
Proselyting with a Ford Truck was a big change

New companion Elder Treyes

with Elder Villalon, Santiago area companion

Monday, November 2, 2015

Mission Tour with Elder and Sister Schwitzer

Hello Family and Friends

This last week was an awesome and spiritual week! We had a General Authority come and visit our mission! Elder Schwitzer of the Seventy spoke at the last general conference and is over all the health of the missionaries in the whole world! He came to our MLC and talked a lot about a 12 leadership principles list that he's made and learned from the Apostles and from his own personal experience! It was an awesome meeting with him! And then at the actual mission tour, he talked all about repentance and its role in the conversion process. Its amazing what he did with it! He drew on the board a picture of the Plan of Salvation and then he said it was a wonderful and useful "road map" of the plan, but it doesnt include the things we need to do to eventually receive Celestial Glory. He then drew a different version of the plan of salvation that included conversion as having the gospel, or faith and repentance, etc. And then after receiving that ordinance, sanctification is the next step, including the temple... That probably didnt make a whole lot of sense but it was awesome!

And one of the coolest parts of the Mission Tour, was that it was held in... SOLANO! Or my first area! It was sooo cool to go back to that area! I've already seen some things that have changed and was able to see a lot of things that I did every Pday in Solano! Needless to say it was very reminiscent!! Brought back a lot of memories.

This last week, we saw a miracle with 2 men that seem to have been prepared by the Lord! One was Brother Estabillo! We were a little reluctant at first to contact him because his house was gated and had a bunch of signs from another religion that isnt so nice to us haha, but we felt like we should and we did! So we started yelling out, "Tao po" and he came out and we were shocked to learn that he was like excited to see us! He let us straight in and were able to teach him. When we came back for the follow up, we taught him about prophets and the restoration. When I mentioned to him that we have a living prophet, he was like, "Wait a minute... you mean to say theres a living prophet today?" I happily responded "thats exactly what we're saying"... He had a really puzzled look on his face as I could tell he was pondering on what we had said. He repeated the question over and over to us. And then finally said, "How can you say you know?" Oh that question brought a smile to my face! I said, "let me tell you how we can say we know!" :) At the end of the lesson we left him a Book of Mormon with an invitation to read. He's a awesome brother!

Another was one guy we just saw on the street... I wont go way too much in detail, but we both felt a prompting to talk to him and it turns out he was the father of our Ward mission leader that we hadnt met yet... he wasnt a member but he straight up told us he knew the church was true, but he couldn't get rid of his drinking and smoking problem. We testified to him that he could with the help of Christ. I'm so excited to teach him... oh wait.. i forgot...

I'm being transferred this cycle... That stinks. This has been my shortest area, but its gonna stink saying bye again. But I'm excited for a new area and new experience! I'll let you know where next week!

But I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ! I have a new witness that the gospel of Jesus Christ and especially the Book of Mormon. That's something I've been focusing on in my personal study lately. There is a purpose and a reason that there is suffering and trials in this life. 2 Nephi 2 talks all about how there needs to be an opposition in all things or the purposes of God would be thwarted. Jesus Christ live and we have a loving Father in Heaven!

Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Navarro


Monday, October 26, 2015

Damages from Typhoon

Hello Family and Friends

Well this week has been going well. I love the opportunity to serve God in such a unique way in serving a mission! The work has been going well. Elder Villalon and I really work well together and its also fun to talk about some of my family that I haven't met yet! (His family is a family friend of my uncle in Quezon City). And I dont know if she'll see this but Sister Navarro or Popo Navarro, CONGRATS FOR STARTING THE BEST JOURNEY SO FAR IN YOUR LIFE! :)

So this last week we had our stake conference here in Santiago North Stake and it went really really well! President and Sister Rahlf came and spoke about the power that our hands have... that WE are Christ's hands in this work. And President Rahlf shared about the importance of inviting... that "success is in the tao po! Success is in the invitation." My testimony has been forever strengthened by the power of an invitation. Such simple questions, such as "would you like to learn more" or "we would love to have you over at a Family Home Evening" can have quite literally an ETERNAL consequence!

In our mission we are also preparing for a mission tour with Elder and Sister Schwitzer of the Seventy! Elder Schwitzer actually spoke in this last General Conference so we are so excited! He gets here tomorrow and will be checking apartments and hospitals and we get to meet with him on Wednesday and Thursday! Its going to be amazing to have a "vessel of the Lord" come and visit with us!

The work has also gone well. We've been working really really hard this weeking trying to help people come to know this message! It is rare that this will ever happen in the Philippines, but I was on splits with a new american Elder named Elder Warren and we went and knocked on a persons door to offer him the gospel, and he straight up yelled at us before we could even speak a word just saying telling us he didnt want to hear anything we had to say. As we walk away I realize that I'm not super disappointed or discouraged because we got turned away, but rather because that brother that said no to us has no idea how happy he could be! I know with my whole heart that the gospel of Jesus Christ is for us! Its God's plan for Happiness... I just wish I could "open my heart and show them" as Brother Mortenson would say.

On the other hand, we found a very very eager new investigator! We were just walking down the street to our appointment, when we saw a guy just sitting at a store with a beer in his hand... my first thought was "oh he's probably drunk and not willing to listen" then got the impression that we should approach we did! Turns out he wasnt drunk and wanted to find out why us Elders and so nice and why we're out walking all day in the hot sun. We were more than happy to tell him why :) Set up a return appointment and when we came back, he was just pouring out his life story to us, telling us how much he loves his mom and how much he wants to come closer to God. Elder Villalon and I are very excited for him! His name is Jamael.

Natividad family is doing well! We found out this last week that she has just been waiting for Brother to come to church so their whole family can be together! Long story short, we committed brother Jojo to come and we're planning on getting him a white shirt so he's not shy about coming back.

I love the Lord. Listening to David A. Bednar's talk in last General Conference about the church being run by old people, I really realized that this is so much more than just fun activities at the church, getting to know new people and new friends, or even improving life skills to succeed... but its really about coming to believe and KNOW where we came from, why we're here, and where we go after this life! I love the Savior!

Elder Navarro


Monday, October 12, 2015


Hello Family and Friends,

In case you didnt know we had a little typhoon come into our area of the Philippines this last week, but we are ALIVE! :) This whole last week we have been receiving warnings and making preparations for a storm that was coming in. So this last few days we've had a lot of rain, wind, and clouds! But glad to report that we are all OK!

This last week was awesome! Got to go on a few exchanges with different missionaries! The first was with 2 brand new missionaries fresh from the MTC. Elder McCauley (my "grandson" in the mission) from California and Elder Igleski from Arizona. We had an awesome day of splits and I learned a lot from them! They are such humble missionaries and has really really strong testimonies of the gospel! Its always humbling to be with brand new american missionaries because I can totally relate to so many of the things they are going through as a new missionary in the Philippines! Got to really get to know them and have a good time working with them. Even though what they said was very simple just because the language barrier, it was powerful and from the heart!

The next day, we got to go on splits again. And this time it was with none other than... ELDER CLAUDIO! (my "anak" in the mission) Gosh that whole day was just a blast! Just getting to talk about Tuguegarao and how the members were doing, how our investigators were doing, how HE was doing, it was just a great time! Also had a great day in terms of the work! One of the most productive days I've had! While we were teaching that day, I would look over to him and hear him teach and my mind would just flash back to when we were together in Tugue! And another cool thing, one of our investigators has had a lot of questions about the church and we've done well, I believe, in answering them, but when Elder Claudio and I visited them, they were able to speak bisaya together (her native language) and it was a divine interaction for sure!

But after the worst part of the storm, Elder Villalon and I went out to check on members and on our investigators, especially the less-fortunate ones. And thank goodness, all of them were safe from the storm... there were however some damage and many things to clean up from some trees that fell down.

The Natividad family is also doing really well! We taught them about tithing and fasting this last week and turns out that they already knew a ton about it because their active mother in law had already spent a lot of time talking about it and testifying of the power of paying an honest tithe. We had planned to share a story about an apostle's family paying tithing and receiving blessings, but after she shared that powerful story of her mother in law.... there was no need.

We as members of the church have the most important thing that we could ever obtain in this world! More important that all the wealth of the kings and rulers! Thats our testimony! The knowledge of the plan of salvation and the restoration of the gospel is PRICELESS. As the Lord said in Doctrine and Covenants: "Wherefore, I the Lord, knowing the calamity which should come upon the inhabitants of the earth, called upon my servant Joseph Smith, Jun., and spake unto him from heaven, and gave him commandments" Let us share this knowledge! As well as our testimony of the Savior... which is a "Sure foundation a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall"! Many typhoons and bagyos come into our lives! Let us prepare for them! :)

Love you all!

Elder Navarro

Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference

Hello Family and Friends
General Conference was the best thing ever. I kept thinking the whole time, "Gosh, this is the best time of the year!" And for some reason, this was the most spiritual conference I'd ever participated in in my whole life! General Conference, where I felt the spirit in a way that I've never felt it before! The whole conference just felt different than any other conference I'd been a part of. One thing that really stuck out to me was the 3 new Apostles. I was writing down impressions I was feeling as the conference was happening and Elder Rasband spoke, some point in the talk I felt an undeniable, powerful confirmation that he was an apostle. So I wrote it down. The exact same thing happened in both Elder Stevenson and Elder Renlund's talks. I wrote down that impression under each name. Then President Eyring mentioned that the Holy Ghost had testified to us all that they were called of God. At that moment I had an out of body experience. I wish I could describe it but it was definitely from above and a power beyond my own. My testimony has never felt stronger! And that is just one of the many very spiritual experiences I've had this week. Another when I was down and felt inspired to read the Book of Mormon and there was the exact thing I needed to see/read. I wish I could share all of it!

But some other talks I really really enjoyed these last few days was Elder Durrant's "Ponderize," Elder Hollands about "Motherhood," Elder Nelson's about "Womenhood" President Monson's "Keeping the Commandments" and Elder Bednar's "Chosen to Bear Testimony of My Name" Also President Uchtdorf's "It works wonderfully" Gosh I just loved them all! Just watch it! :)

Other than the incredibly powerful conference, the week has been going well! Went to Cauayan and got my new companion! Elder Villalon from Quezon City. He's a great Elder! Really dedicated and we've started this cycle off on a really good note so I'm really really excited for this cycle! Although its going to be short... Its only 4 weeks because there is a General Authority coming to the Philippines so a lot of missions were affected in their transfer days. And the rumor is I might get transferred this next cycle but we'll see.

Our zone is so awesome right now! We have 3 Elders training so 3 new American Elders came into Santiago this last week! Elder Howard, Elder Storrer and Elder McCauley. They're great Elders and its super humbling and reflecting to see them go through things that all new missionaries go through... its hard to believe that now I'm the missionary thats been out for over a year comforting these new missionaries! Its been a blessing for sure that the Lord gave me missionaries when I was new.... I just hope I can help them as well! And honestly the whole zone is in training! haha every companionship!

But another great thing I found out on Wednesday morning!!! I read the transfer list and found out that ELDER CLAUDIO is now in my zone!!!! Haha its so awesome! He's training and my District Leader! Haha when we saw each other on Friday, that was the best feeling ever! And I got to meet my heritage in the mission! Good times.

I know this work is the work of the Lord. We taught Geneva Natividad and her family this last week and had a powerful lessons about eternal families. Her biggest concern is that she doesnt want to go to church with just her 2 kids, but she wants her husband to come along as well. We're working on it. He wants to come but has work. We're praying to find a way to help him. But the spirit definitely testified in that small room!

I know this is the work of God! The trumpet has been sounded in this last General Conference and the Lord has called 3 new Apostles. I sustain them and know they are called of God! I wouldnt rather be doing anything on earth right now!

Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Navarro

p.s. dont forget to ponderize! :)


Merry Christmas

Oh wait... its still October... One of the coolest things about being in the Philippines is they LOVE the Christmas season!

This week has been a little challenging, but it's really been amazing to see how the Lord really answers our prayers! We had MLC this last week in Cauayan and one of the biggest things we talked about was the success and the growth we've been seeing the Philippines Cauayan and as a result of that, President Rahlf talked about some things that have been happening. He talked about two of the tactics that all of us see as members of the Church. The first being "counter-strikes" when the adversary attacks right after a great spiritual experience or growth. I feel like this is something common we see... or at least I see. That whenever I've accomplished something good on the mission or in my life, or had a strong spiritual confirmation of gospel truths, the biggest temptations or trials come right in there. The other is called "pre-emtive" strikes, where the adversary will work his hardest right BEFORE a great spiritual experience or before doing some great thing. President expressed that he has been seeing signs of both happening to the mission as a whole. Right after we had our Zone Conference and right before we have a General Authority coming in to visit the mission at the end of October. I know I've definitely been feeling effects of that personally!

Another great thing of MLC is being able to see a lot of my friends from the mission! Especially the ones going home... Elder Kocherhans... I'm gonna miss that guy!!!!

But its the best to have a great supportive ward and an enthusiastic Bishop! Yesterday we had a ward activity where all the leadership of the ward went to one of our areas to splits with us and find and teach new investigators! We found a ton of people and even met some Navarro's! I love the expression on people's face when they see that my name is Navarro! (in case you dont know... I look American to people here as well)

The Natividad family is also doing really well! We were teaching them the other day about baptism and obviously the impression came to give them the baptismal invitation again. Sister Geneva has really been super great so she accepted right away and expressed her desire to be baptized. I asked her why she wanted to and she expressed that she wanted to be washed clean and start over... Then Brother Jojo jumped in (her husband who was baptized as a little kid but has been less active his whole life) and said, "I wish I could be baptized again" The spirit definitely guided our next response to him. I told him "Brother, I want to show you a way that you can almost quite literally be baptized again" Then we taught him about repentance and the sacrament. The Spirit was super strong in that bamboo house!

I know this work is true! It is being led by the best man who ever walked on this Earth, our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. I know He lives! He literally comforts us when we need it... And the scripture is true that He will come unto all those who come unto Him! I know that prayers are answered!

Love you and have a great week!
Elder Navarro


Monday, September 28, 2015

Do You Have National Family Week?

Hello Family and Friends,
Well this week has been hard but rewarding! Last Saturday was the baptism of Junalyn Dultiao! I've mentioned their family before, but they are a family with a strong testimony! Two of the siblings were baptized in last April and ever since then, they have been embraced by the ward and have developed awesome testimonies! Their plan is to have all of their family eventually join the church and Sister Junalyn was the 3rd in their family to be baptized! We are teaching their brother, Eduardo and their little brother and they have a growing interest in the Church as their family is joining! Its been an amazing to watch how enthusiastic they have been about the gospel!!!!
This last week also we had something unique to the Philippines! Here, there is a national holiday called National Family Week! And of course, as a church that is focused on the family, we do a lot to support this awesome even in the Philippines! So on Saturday morning we got up and had a fun walk with all kinds of different sayings about the family and then had a little celebration at the church! A ton of fun!!!!
Then we also had a service project feeding kids at an elementary school! They LOVED IT! Gosh and I had so much fun! The kids loved taking pictures and playing games! i had em laughing reallll good! haha :)
Sorry I dont have much time left... but I love you all! I know that this work is true! I see too much evidence of it to deny it! I love the ward! I love the area! I love the mission! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and they call their servants to organize and care for the work here on Earth! The Book of Mormon is true!

Thank you so much for the support! Have a great week!

Elder Navarro



Monday, September 21, 2015

Tender Blessing of the Gospel

This week has been crazy! I want to start by expressing how incredibly happy I am right now! So my anak sent me some pictures from the baptism of the Macarubbo family last week, and when I opened them up, it was just a completely overwhelming feeling of happiness that came over me! Gosh I'll probably forward it so you can see but it was the best thing in the world! That was honestly one of the best feelings I have felt thus far in the mission! :)
But this last week we had splits with two companionships in the zone. On Tuesday, I was with Elder Llanda from Bataan and on Thursday with Elder Swensen from Sandy Utah. We really wanted to show them a good day as a missionary! But I really got to know both of them! Its so amazing the different stories that missionaries have of how they ended up on a mission! And for both of them, it really was a miracle that they were able to serve missions!
But then we got to go to Cauayan on Wednesday because Elder Paea was taking the English test. And in the Cauayan Mission, when you or you're companion comes in to take the test, you get a DELICIOUS BANANA SPLIT! compliments to the Shorter Couple! That was absolutely wonderful!
But we have a baptism this week! Another one of the Dultiao family! Sister Junalyn. She's a 25 year old single mother and the 3rd member in her family to be baptized! The night before her interview, we went over to review about baptism and the things that were going to be asked to her the next day. After that was done, I just asked her why she wanted to be baptized into the Church and then she bore one of the most powerful and tender testimonies I've heard. She mentioned about how she knew that the church was true and she had felt the love and the support of the members and the change in her family because of it. Then she talked about her 3 year old daughter and how she wants her to grow up knowing who Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father are! One night, she said, she was praying and her daughter asked her what she was doing... of course she answered, praying. Her daughter then asked where does God live. And then that started a gospel conversation between her and her daughter and now she really wants to join in her prayers every night! Gosh just tender things and feelings like that really make everything worth it! I think I've said this before but their goal is to get their whole family baptized into the church! This family is awesome and I really want to help them achieve that goal.
We have another busy week with zone conference and Philippines National Family Week going on here! I'm excited for all that the Lord has in store for us and I'm so grateful that I have an opportunity to share this wonderful, unique, and life changing message. Which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know He lives and guides this mission and all His missionaries! He loves us! His plan is real and this life is our time to prepare to meet God!
I love you all and have a great week!

Elder Navarro
p.s. I also randomly thought of some mistakes I've made in Tagalog a long time ago that I thought you'd get a kick out of!
One time we were talking to a family and I saw two kids who looks really similar in age... I thought "i know that word in tagalog" so I asked the nanay, I said, "nay, magkambing ba silang dalawa?" Hahaha what I accidentally said was if they were both goats. haha the real word was "kambal" haha oops.
Macarubbo family baptism