Monday, March 16, 2015

New Area...Hot!

Well here I am in my new area! And its none other than Tuguegarao! Haha interesting, Solano zone (my last one) is one of the "coldest" parts of the mission and my new area that I'll be in for the summer is the hottest part of the whole Philippines... wahoo. And Tug is a lot more of a city than Lamut/Bagabag, so thats been a little adjustment.

No but I can already tell its a great area to be in! My new companion is Elder De Guzman and this is his last 6 weeks in the mission so I'm his last companion! Something new here is that we live with 2 other Elders, Elder Gerardo and Elder Gumayo. So now the apartment has 3 and a half filipinos! :) Haha

Yesterday at church obviously I met a lot of new people and I met 3 people who served a mission with my dad!! Small world! They brought some pictures of my dad and we were joking a ton about it, but it was so crazy to see pictures of my dad as a young missionary! He was one gwapo missionary! But it was also super cool to hear their stories about my dad from being a total jokester and trying to be karate kid (no surprise there) to how hardworking he was. it was amazing.

Honestly, leaving Lamut was really, really, really hard. It felt like saying goodbye to my family again just because I had grown up so much there. When I got there things were still going a thousand miles an hour and I had no idea what was going on, so those people there really became family to me. Needless to say it was hard to say goodbye. But I am super excited to be here in Tuguegarao, even though I still feel a little homesick for Lamut.

The work has been going well! We are teaching and finding a lot of new people! These past few days I feel like my studies, teaching, and lessons in church have really been focused on the Atonement and the effect it has on our lives. And theres no way we can fully understand how it was accomplished, but the why is much more important to me. Jesus Christ loves us! He knows us and I know that we can trust Him when we are having a hard time.

Elder Navarro