Monday, January 12, 2015

Elder Volpe Overcome with the Spirit

Its amazing to see the progression of the work of the Lord! Highlight was in our branch yesterday with our "Member-Missionary Fireside/Workshop." Huge success and amazing to see the members in Bagabag-Lamut coordinating efforts in hastening the work. We were instructed as well as instructors in how to be effective teachers with an emphasis on home/visiting teaching to less-actives. Really instructive, spiritual, and fun experience for us and I'm sure for the members as well. The Lord is hastening His work and what an amazing opportunity we have to live in this time!

So also yesterday in sacrament meeting we had a fun experience! haha Elder Volpe was giving a talk and his last official talk in the Philippines and in our branch... He gave a beautiful talk about faith in Jesus Christ! His testimony is super solid! in fact, as he was bearing his testimony he said "I just want to say to you all... i love you all..." then he leans towards the microphone (i'm thinking "oh wow he must be searching for some revelation or something!" then to my complete shock and surprise he just collapses! falls straight to the ground! I dont think I've jumped up and ran as fast as I did yesterday ever! Everyone was rushing around trying to get him water and putting fans on him and what not. People were checking his pulse to make sure he didnt just die! THANKFULLY he came to and got up, gave the audience a salute and thumbs up... then finished his talk standing on his knees on a chair. Makes me think of that story in the Book of Mormon about King Lamoni passing out and waking up testifying of Jesus Christ! Because thats really what happened! hahaha it was a scary and awesome experience.

But this work is true! And just like Elder Volpe didnt let himself get in the way of the meeting, nothing will stop this work from progressing! I know that is true!!!!! Jesus is the Christ!

Love you all have a great week!

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"One day old" as the locals call it.
I prefer Balut


Helped bury a dog 

All dogs go to Heaven