Monday, May 4, 2015


Hey Everyone!

This week was been great! Really loving it!

So the hype of this Pacquiao fight was pretty big! I was actually surprised a little though! There were quite of few people we met that were cheering for Mayweather! I was thinking, "What are you thinking!?" But all good. We were a little afraid that because of the fight there wouldnt be a lot of people at church, but we were wrong! :)

This last sunday was really awesome! The youth in our ward just finished something called Youth Camp, and as a result, a ton of youth got up to bear their testimonies about their experiences and the things they learned at the camp. They talked about a big hike they did that was apparently super hard and shared spiritual experiences from testimony meetings and just little things they learned. And while I was sitting there listening (freezing my butt off, because the air con was blasting our faces off... ha) It reminded me so much of our experiences from trek when we did our trek a few years ago! I couldnt help but get up and share a little experience from our trek when we climbed up a super super steep hill! And then especially about when people who had reached the top came back down and helped those who hadnt made it yet. Gosh I'm sooooo thankful for that opportunity that we had and for all those other youth camp outs, scouting trips, and even rushing last minute to get my eagle scout..... jokelang. haha But really those who are youth right now, gosh, enjoy it! There are so many great things that happen when your 12-17 and many of them are literal Heavenly Father preparing us for something! Many times we don't even know whats its for. But He does!

The work has also been going! We've really focused on helping the ward fellowship some of our investigators that have been coming to church. So we have a Preach My Gospel class with all our ward missionaries (mostly RM's) So awesome!

Then today, we had a ward missionary activity that we were invited to this morning! We went jogging, had breakfast, and had a big of water balloon fight! And with how hot it was... that was one of the best feelings in the world! :) Super fun! But I love being a missionary and I hope that things are going well with all of you! Just keep pressing forward! If you ever think you can't.... I know you can! Because you have the help of a loving Father in Heaven!

Love you! Have a great week! Keep the Faith!

Elder Navarro