Monday, June 8, 2015

Still White

Wow! This week has been so crazy awesome! The work in our area is simply amazing! I have never been so excited about the work my whole mission! There are so many investigators who are just prepared!!! And then people just literally coming up to us (friends of members and investigators) that just tell us they want to become a member of the Church! We had several investigators come to church yesterday and 4 of them have baptismal dates and are really excited and devoted! I am just amazed! The blessings of the Lord in this area are very, very easy to see! I just pray that we wont get in the way of the work of the Lord. I've been telling Elder Claudio these past couple weeks that the field is sooooo white! We just have to keep praying for guidance to help us plan and prepare these people who have already been prepared by the Lord! We have a ton of help as well from our Ward Mission Leader and Bishop! So these next few weeks several people could be coming into the fold of Tuguegarao 4th Ward :)

One of them is Angel Curioso and he's just a stud! Gosh everytime we give him something to read, he reads it and takes notes and thoughts on it! Then when we visit him he already knows most of it! haha. But we hadnt been able to get him a Book of Mormon just because we ran out, so he had been borrowing mine. And when we finally got another one, we gave it to him and he was just super super super excited! Like a little kid getting a big ol toy on Christmas! That excited! haha! Another is Merle and Lyka. And they are studs as well! Lyke came to church this last week and afterwards we showed her the Restoration video! She was so into it and eventually, we invited her to be baptized and she didnt hesitate to say yes. Another awesome thing is that her friend, a member, is her biggest supporter and is such a huge help to her to answer her questions and just be there.

Anyways Im just excited! We got to do a lot of CSP activities this last week! and most of it was pulling and chopping weeds. I got a nice surprise when I reached down to pull some weeds and came up with 2 hands full of dog poop! Everyone else got a good laugh out of that one. And then after they fed us and all the kids were watching NBA TV haha! that was a big test of my will power to resist temptation, but proud to say I resisted! Just had to focus a lot on conversing with the kids and eating the food haha!

But I really do love this work... Some of the best feelings in the world are when you know that the spirit has been working with these people we are interacting with. The purpose is to connect them to heaven. I also know that the adversary is very opposed to this work. Every time we watch the restoration video with investigators, its silent the whole time, until Joseph enters the grove to pray. Then things start getting a little wild sometimes. But I know that the work is true! The spirit testifies and works through those who are willing to listen and act. Keep being awesome examples! I'm so thankful in my life for the so many examples I was able to look up to!

Love you!

Elder Navarro