Monday, May 25, 2015

Work Progressing

So I really don't have that much time! But here's just a little update about the week. One word to describe this week... BUSY! Holy cow we were busy this week! There were times where I would think to myself, "gosh why does it have to be so hectic and crazy!" but then take a step back and I would realize that I wouldn't have it any other why honestly.

But we got to go back to Cauayan this last week for the new missionaries and trainers meeting! Great meeting. I received a lot of revelation on how I can be a better more obedient missionary and how I could better help those around me! Then of course the food was AMAZING!

But our recent converts progression is awesome! She texts us almost every day saying how she's set up an appointment with one of her friends to meet with missionaries or she's bringing people to church every week ! And these people in turn ask if we could come visit with them! She also has a nasty cold, but still came to church yesterday. I was as shocked as anyone with all she's doing, but it was a manifestation to me of the truthfulness of Lehi's experience with the tree of life. I kept thinking this last week that what she's doing and what we're seeing is nothing short of a miracle. I have no doubt.

Progression in the ward is also great! Our new bishop, Bishop Panopio, is on top of things! Yesterday we had a Ward Council Meeting establishing when, what, and why of all the meetings and discussing people and the salvation of souls. Yesterday there were also 3 members who came up to us with referrals of people to visit, one of them who was at church and wanted to become a member! We have a lot of appointments this week with a lot of really interested and PREPARED people! Its humbling to see and witness the hand of the Lord quite literally hastening the work. Sounds cheesy but its true!

Haha got a little surprise this last week! We went to a FHE with the Articulo Family (both the husband and wife served with my dad in Davao Mission) and that day people were acting really weird like "Elder Navarro you better get some good sleep because you're going to be really happy tomorrow" and "Elder enjoy your night!" And I was thinking what the heck are you guys talking about? Then when we got there the family said they had someone to introduce to me. And it was my tito and tita (aunt and uncle) Hernando! haha funny stuff! They were here visiting family or something and just stopped by Tuguegarao I guess. Weirdest thing was being able to understand them speaking tagalog and being able to converse with them in the language haha but it was good.

Well no time. But I love you all! I know this work is true and is led by Divine forces! Jesus is the Christ and the Scriptures and Prophets testify of Him and His Divine role. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! Keep the faith!

Elder Navarro

Monday, May 18, 2015

Busy Week

Well this week has been busy! 
I'll start off with our baptism! Which was hectic! It was Friday night and the baptism was supposed to be on Saturday and we still couldn't a hold of our Ward Mission Leader to help organize a program and what not. So I was getting a little worried so we went ahead and assigned speakers and kind of made a program. Then the next morning he finally called and we got it all organized in time! Pheww! But the service was awesome! There were a lot of the Single Adults there which was perfect! And it just was a really nice service and the spirit was definitely felt! There's something that just feels really good when someone makes a covenant with God and just bears pure testimony! But anyway. 
But this week has been jam packed! We had interviews with President and Sister Rahlf this week! So they came into Tuguegarao and its always nice to get some 1 on 1 time with the mission president and his wife! I feel like a lot of revelation can come at opportunities like that! And then the little treats they give are really nice too! We also had our Ward Conference and a reorganization of the bishopric. I've noticed a huge them here has been sustaining our local leaders. I feel like every talk by our Stake President is about that haha but its so true. All our leaders are called of God for a purpose. Maybe its for them to learn maybe its for someone specific that only they can reach, but theres a purpose. 
Gosh theres been like a mini hastening in Tuguegarao ward 4! I feel like we're meeting just a ton of prepared people! Brother Ruel is one of them. So it had been a while since we've visited him just because he's been an investigator for a long time, and we thought he was on vacation with his wife (member) so we hadnt been over there for a while, then a few days ago, his mother in law came up to us, who is a member and asked us why we hadnt been over to see Ruel in a while. Anyway we scheduled a visit with him yesterday and he was unusually excited to see us... It was kind of cool! And then we taught him a lesson about faith and obedience and just took some time to read and discuss from the Book of Mormon in 1 Ne. 3 and 4. Gosh it was cool and the spirit strong when Brother talked about his desire and testimony of the gospel and then his wife bore her testimony as well about her conversion. He told us the only thing holding him back from setting a baptismal date is he still has a few questions about the Book of Mormon. And we started answering them, but ran out of time. So we're heading back over there on Tuesday and he said he wanted to have more time to ask and for us to help answer his questions. 
Another is the cousin of an active family in the ward! Sister Angelie. So she's 13 years old and has been coming to church with this family for a long time! So we went over to their house and talked about it and she told us how much she wants to join the church but right now she cant because her mother wont allow it right now. We're going to just keep praying and seeing how this could work out. 
I would write more but this is becoming a biography of our investigators so I'll stop. But yeah this week has been busy busy busy! I got to play the piano for our ward choir and now I get to play again for the youth in stake conference this week! And those who know my piano skills, I'm not THAT good haha but just like the gift of tongues, if I practice and have faith I think I can do this! :) 
But thank you for the support! I know this work is true and we are all brothers and sisters! Our leaders are inspired and I have a testimony that they are called of God. Especially our prophet Thomas S. Monson. I support and sustain him as a living prophet of God!
Keep the Faith! 
Elder Navarro


Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

First off I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I'm thankful for my wonderful mother! She's sooooo awesome! :)

But this week has been awesome! Went on a few splits this last week. One with Elder Padol and then another with Elder Larona our zone leader. I learned a ton! But one thing I really took away was a big reminder of how significant the First Vision was! Here we find the answers to a lot of the confusion of soooo many years! 1) God answers prayers! It may be in different kinds of ways and different timing, but He does answer. 2) God the Father and Christ are two separate beings with perfect Resurrected bodies. and 3) God has called a prophet in our time! Gosh so cool!

But this last week we got a lot of rain! And the one day I decide to wear my dress sandals (dont worry they're allowed) it rains like crazy! So my feet were completely soaked that day! But that same day we had a lesson with Sheryl Domingo, one of our investigators who is really concerned why there are so many churches and which one is right.... perfect situation right? :).. so we decided it would be a good time to watch the Restoration video about Joseph Smith. And after it was over she just told us how amazed she was and felt exactly how Joseph Smith felt! We then testified that just like Joseph, she herself could receive just as strong of an answer to her question! We had one of the young men from the ward with us and he also testified of his conversion and coming to know of First Vision, and the spirit was soooo strong in that lesson! Gosh I'm so excited!

There's also Erlinda Durwin, and she has a baptismal date on May 16, and so naturally, because its getting close to that date, she's beginning to see some challenges. And so last night we talked about Enduring to the End and the covenant of baptism, and gosh it was just so awesome to see her testimony! She's knows these things are true because she's acted on her faith by reading, praying, coming to church, living the commandments! And even though she's nervous she knows its what she wants to do! Even her sister commented on how much positive changes she's seen in her little sister as she's been doing these things! This is so true! Holy cow!

But yeah! There was supposed to be another huge storm coming here, but we just got a lot of rain and some pretty strong winds, but nothing too big. All is well here in the Phils.! But I just know that this work is true! I also have a testimony of the callings of people in the church. We had a change in our bishopric yesterday and I just know for a fact that whomever the Lord calls, He qualifies. And we have an opportunity to sustain and support our leaders who are being guided by Jesus Christ himself.

But have a great week and again Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers! We love you!!!!!!!!!

Elder Navarro

Monday, May 4, 2015


Hey Everyone!

This week was been great! Really loving it!

So the hype of this Pacquiao fight was pretty big! I was actually surprised a little though! There were quite of few people we met that were cheering for Mayweather! I was thinking, "What are you thinking!?" But all good. We were a little afraid that because of the fight there wouldnt be a lot of people at church, but we were wrong! :)

This last sunday was really awesome! The youth in our ward just finished something called Youth Camp, and as a result, a ton of youth got up to bear their testimonies about their experiences and the things they learned at the camp. They talked about a big hike they did that was apparently super hard and shared spiritual experiences from testimony meetings and just little things they learned. And while I was sitting there listening (freezing my butt off, because the air con was blasting our faces off... ha) It reminded me so much of our experiences from trek when we did our trek a few years ago! I couldnt help but get up and share a little experience from our trek when we climbed up a super super steep hill! And then especially about when people who had reached the top came back down and helped those who hadnt made it yet. Gosh I'm sooooo thankful for that opportunity that we had and for all those other youth camp outs, scouting trips, and even rushing last minute to get my eagle scout..... jokelang. haha But really those who are youth right now, gosh, enjoy it! There are so many great things that happen when your 12-17 and many of them are literal Heavenly Father preparing us for something! Many times we don't even know whats its for. But He does!

The work has also been going! We've really focused on helping the ward fellowship some of our investigators that have been coming to church. So we have a Preach My Gospel class with all our ward missionaries (mostly RM's) So awesome!

Then today, we had a ward missionary activity that we were invited to this morning! We went jogging, had breakfast, and had a big of water balloon fight! And with how hot it was... that was one of the best feelings in the world! :) Super fun! But I love being a missionary and I hope that things are going well with all of you! Just keep pressing forward! If you ever think you can't.... I know you can! Because you have the help of a loving Father in Heaven!

Love you! Have a great week! Keep the Faith!

Elder Navarro