Monday, June 27, 2016


Its been a crazy week! We've been really busy and I've been stretched quite a bit which is good. Like Sister Rahlf taught us, "there's no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone." I am thankful for these challenges. Had to say goodbye to some great friends who finished their missions, including my trainer, Elder Saguire! But then got to welcome a batch of great new missionaries who are excited for the work!
This is now President and Sister Rahlf's last week in the mission. They've served amazingly these past three years and have been more than inspiring! I've learned so much from them and being able to serve alongside them has been a great privilege! Of all the lessons I've learned from President and Sister Rahlf, I think one of the most prominent will be Christlike love. They've demonstrated Christlike love in so many ways and are true servants of the Lord! I'll never forget them for sure!
This Thursday we'll be meeting our new mission president, President Hiatt and the work will just continue going on! Its great!
Our baptism last Saturday also went great! Brother John Paul and Sister Eva were both just counting down the days before they could be baptized and now its happened and they are both just super happy! It was a great service as well!
Another little twist in the week, we got into a car accident. Everyone is okay and things will be fine. But now I guess I can check that one off my lists of things I've experienced on my mission haha!
I know this work is true and I'm so thankful to be serving alongside such great leaders like President and Sister Rahlf... We'll miss them a TON but this is the will of the Lord. I've been studying a lot about humility this last week and the real great ones in the kingdom of God are not those who just obtain high callings or are known to the world, but rather its really those who just do good everyday. Richard G. Edgley said this,

 "These are the many members I see, admire, and am grateful for. They are not seeking position, prominence, or fame, but each is earning a place in our Father’s kingdom by taking care of the business of everyday living. They are consistently doing the unnoticed, the unspectacular, but humbly and righteously doing the important. Challenges they have, but out of their bitter struggles they are able to find the sweetness that is so often the silent companion to adversity. This picture is duplicated hundreds of times in thousands of wards throughout the world. They are The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."
Love you have a great week!
Elder Navarro