Monday, November 16, 2015

Beautiful Country!

Hello Family and Friends!

So this week was really really busy! We just had a ton of events happening this week that really made it go fast! So last Monday we had some orientation for driving in the Philippines! In case you dont know, driving here is a lot different than driving in the states. Sister Rahlf described it as like playing Mario Kart in real life! And in some ways, it really is! Then got to go get a license and all that jazz. Wednesday, we had to go all the way to Tuguegarao with some stops along the way to deliver some things... Tuguegarao is a little far so it took the WHOLE DAY! Haha I thought about it, and it was like driving from Nampa to Salt Lake City and back all in one day! So that was interesting! But I did get to see my old area in Tugue! And then we got to teach some new leaders at the new leaders training for the District Leaders.

But one of the coolest things that happened this week was we got to go to a school for special children to donate 2 air conditioning systems for them! The school put on a little program for us including ribbon cutting, kids dancing the Cha Cha, and some food. But it was so cute to see the kids! I became like an official photographer for the event haha!

This week we were able to see a lot of Less-actives come back to church! The branch is just awesome! The people are really really nice and fun to be with! One of our investigators really inspired me! Her name is Evangelyne Lago and she lives in our farthest area! Probably 45 minutes away by tricycle and her family is just dirt poor... Her mother wasnt educated as a kid and cant read and because of their situation, she has to stop school... Public schools here have expenses. So we heard her pray the other day and she asked if there was any way that she could hopefully continue schooling. Got me thinking of all the times I didnt want to wake up early in the morning and go to school... that feels like a selfish, ungrateful act now.. But she has a strong testimony of the gospel! We watched the Restoration video with her and her mom, and the spirit was POWERFUL! Her mom afterward kept telling us how good a feeling she felt! In our next lesson with them, we gave her mom a Book of Mormon, and she said that that was the best gift ever given to her. Its even more amazing when you think she cant even read it. But we're working with them a lot. Last sunday, they somehow found the means to come to church! Seeing her walk up to the entrance with a big smile on her face MADE MY DAY!

I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ! He lives. We have a living prophet today on the earth and how important it is to make it known to the inhabitants of the Earth! There is no better calling! :)

Mahal ko kayong lahat! Sana'y magiging maganda at maayos ang inyong mga week :)

Elder Navarro