Monday, January 19, 2015

The Work of Salvation

Hello everyone!

Hope things are going well over there and I dont forget you in my prayers! The work over here has been a little slow lately.. The bummer thing is that there are a few of our investigators who we really feel could be progressing and really starting to come closer to Christ but due to work or school... some of them are rarely home.. so thats been a real bummer.

This last week we had an Elder's Quorum activity for bonding and just having a good time at the farm
of one of our members. He has a lot of this land for i'm not sure what, but its right next to a river and its just beautiful!!! This spot specifically reminded me of Idaho! Ha but the night was awesome! We had food, activities, a devotional, testimony meeting.. it was just an awesome time with the priesthood holders of our branch!

So theres a family we visit pretty often, the
Eneja's. And they're an awesome family! Their father works really far away and is only home ever so often.. but this family doesnt usually come to church. But the father came back this last week and the first time i met him was on sunday when he came to church with all his kids! Such an awesome guy and an awesome family! We visited their family that night and their family started to really open up to us! Talking about family and how much it means to be sealed in the Temple of God for eternity! Needless to say it was an amazing experience.. to feel the Spirit of God as it pertains to families.. That really is the essence of the Gospel.. How important the family is in God's plan. Love is an amazing thing.

Then this last week, after the father had already gone back to his work... the family again came to church! Awesome because Sister Eneja hadnt been to church in a loooong time! But during the meeting when we were talking to her she said, "dont worry elders... I wont be leaving anytime soon" Wow!

Its been a fun week! The Church is true! Miracles are happening every day and the heavens are open!

The only bummer part is the odds of Elder Saguire transferring are pretty high since he's been here close to 8 months.. but we'll see what happens.. anyway love you all!

Elder Navarro

new ride
Sporting a rice farmer hat
haha preparation day baller
riverside with Elder Saguire
Elder Volpe's last meeting with the zone before homebound

Polynesisan Haka warrior dance