Monday, March 28, 2016

Pasko ng Pagkabuhay! (Happy EASTER)

Just a quick update! I'm not being transferred this cycle! I love this area! And I'm actually pretty happy that I'll be staying here! That means I'll be here in Cauayan for 6 months! WAHOO! And another cycle with Elder Pandaog... and AWESOME Elder and great companion!

Let me just update you real quick on a really awesome thing we did yesterday! First things first, we had a baptism! Sister Emelyne Andres was baptized yesterday afternoon after the District Conference (I'll give an update on that later) But we had one of the most well-organized baptisms I've ever been part of haha! And what I mean by that is everyone was on time!! For the first time EVER!!! haha jokelang. But we were all ready to go, the pictures had already been taken, people were dressed, the speakers were there, and everything was ready to go 30 minutes before we were supposed to start! After the baptism, she bore an awesome testimony! Even started it in English! haha But we have been a little worried that she was just getting baptized for her boyfriend and his family, but I honestly feel that she was doing it for the right reasons.

Another really cool thing we did yesterday was we put together an Easter Missionary Fireside! The idea came from one of my batchmates, Sister Labis, who attended an event that the missionaries did in her home town. We just put together a lot of musical numbers describing the life of Jesus Christ. From before the world was until His resurrection. There were whole group numbers, solo's, duets, and small groups. In between each number, there were missionaries reading selected scriptures describing what the next song was about. It was an awesome activity and a lot of people were there! I played the piano for a lot of the songs... (oh yeah I haven't told you... I'm like the go-to piano player in sacrament meeting every sunday!) And then I sang a solo as well! Gosh I was not too excited about that when Sister Labis told me I had to do that a few weeks ago. I sang "Be Still My Soul" to describe the world at the time of Christ's death. After all the songs, there were some recent converts who bore their testimonies afterwards... It was a great activity.

Love you and have a great week!

Elder Navarro

P.S. I got to see some Elders and Sisters before they went home! Including Elder Monilla!

Welcome to my life!

the Baptism Board on the most we've had in the mission since President Rahlf has been here! Last Saturday

What are the odds?? #BNav flashbacks!