Monday, August 3, 2015

Tender Feelings and ants

Kamusta mga family and friends!
I'll just start with the ants! I woke up one night feeling a lot of discomfort! It must have been 1 or so and I started feeling these really strong itches! And when I scratched it I felt something! Found out a bunch of ants had infested my bed and were having a nice midnight snack with my blood! Haha Good thing I have an amazing mom who packed bug spray in my suitcase! Haha had to dig that stuff out but it came in handy! :)
Aiza's baptism was awesome! She has been waiting for this day for over and year and we were just the missionaries lucky enough to be here when it finally happened! You could definitely see it in her face after she had been baptized the amazing calmness and peace that she was feeling! Afterwards we asked her how she was and she just expressed how light she felt and how free from all the mistakes and worries in her life! It was a rewarding and very spiritual experience!
No time so I'll give a quick recap. Angel Curioso is doing amazing! We gave him a white shirt and tie and he is a missionary in every sense of the word already! He's inviting a ton of people around him and even visiting and inviting less actives to come to church! Which one, his neighbor, came this last sunday! He's also a natural teacher. He related the restoration of the gospel to a brown out in a house. And even though people lit candles to try and recover some light, it wasnt enough. He connected that back to the apostacy and the restoration of the gospel. That God has opened the windows of heaven to us again! His conversion is nothing short of a miracle. I have no doubt about that!
I am out of time... I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! Jesus Christ lives! He is our Savior! I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true! It is the word of GOD! This is His work and we are on His errand!
The God of Israel Leads these missionaries!

Elder Navarro