Monday, March 30, 2015


Haha WOW this week has been crazy! From finding a seemingly perfectly prepared family to finally seeing a monkey in the Philippines!

So first things first. We were walking away feeling just a little discouraged after another appointment fell through and we see a lady walking down the street. So we talk to her and she told us about how missionaries had taught her and her family a long time ago but they never really got anywhere with it. So then we shared a little message and set up a return appointment. When we came back they were having a graduation party offered to feed us before we taught (we called this a blessing of working hard) Then she did something that doesnt happen very often in a situation like this... She came up to us and told us they were ready to hear our message. So her and her whole family left the party to their house to sit down and talk about the Gospel of Christ. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I've been a part of up to that point! And I know without a doubt that we werent the ones speaking in that lesson but rather the Holy Ghost. Long story short, they asked us when and where our church service was and committed to coming! That Sunday we dropped by their house and she gave us a referral and was pretty much a fellowshipper testifying about prayer! Then they came to church! And after church texted us of how grateful that we came and showed them the gospel and even said they wanted to join the church because they can already see the blessings and change in their lives! WAHOO! This may be the family I've been praying for!

President and Sister Rahlf stopped by our District meeting this last Tuesday! They're so awesome! Testified about the importance of time management.

We have a baptism on April 4th! Sister Florimay! She is joining her family who were baptized last November and are so amazing! They have such great faith and you can see it in their eyes! Her baptismal interview was last saturday and she's totally ready!

I FINALLY SAW A MONKEY! It was raining HARD one day and we saw this poor little monkey chained up under the rain! So we decided to offer him the gospel. We gave him a word of wisdom pamphlet.. and he ate it. Good times.

Oh and found out that my companion, Elder De Guzman's release date just got pushed backed 9 days! So he'll be out of here on April 14th.. Which means that I'll probably be in a trisome companionship for the last week and a half of the cycle! Holy cow its going by so fast!

But this is an awesome time of easter where we remember the last week of the Savior's Earthly ministry and rejoice that He overcame all and rose again the third day! I add my voice to billions both now and in history that He lives! And because he lives I can overcome trials and weaknesses and work to improve every day! Having a hope through the Atonement! I know that the Book of Mormon testifies that He is Christ! And that God loves us and gave us that book to help us not be so confused in the world today!

"there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ." -Mosiah 16:8

I love this work and this experience! Thank you for all the support and love! I always pray for you!

Elder Navarro
Lemon yellow living room.

Our bedroom right before cleanup haha

Package from home which only took 3 months to get here