Monday, February 2, 2015

Transfers and some new faces!


So this last week was transfer week and unfortunately, my tatay, Elder Saguire, was transferred...But thats alright! The work still continues! My new companion is Elder Baclea-an from Cavite. He's an awesome guy and are already getting along really well! So thats been a tender mercy for sure! Another crazy thing is that he's taller than me! Thats another change haha!

The work this week has been going really well! A highlight this week was actually my first full day with Elder Baclea-an. We were in Sta. Lucia and we were getting punted like no ones business! And I was also pretty nervous because Elder B didn't have any idea of the area, let alone people to go to. So I've been praying a TON for some guidance in figuring out where we need to be.. I had an impression that we needed to visit one of our old investigators, Mardi. And it was a longshot because she's rarely at her house because she goes to school far away. But we went for it. Getting there was a little discouraging because there was a ton of drunk people and men hitting on us, it was sketchy. But we got to Mardi's house and her little brother or cousin comes up to us and tells us that she's there! And amazingly she was! So then we got to talking and eventually got to share with her again about the gospel! And during that lesson it was confirmed to me without a doubt that we needed to be there! She was super receptive and was asking us questions and really opened up to us about her situation with the Gospel! She believes its true and wants to be baptized but she gets discouraged because the teaching is always cut off by her at school. But anyway, I fasted this last Sunday for a solution to help her. So we'll see where this goes!

But yeah as always the language is a roller coaster. There are days of complete confidence and thinking to myself, "holy crap im fluent!" and then there will be a day or two of "I'm pretty sure they're speaking chinese." But all is well! All is well.

I'm realizing every day how imperfect I am and how imperfect we all are. And there are times when that is super discouraging. But I'm so thankful to people around me who have helped me through those times when it feels really hard. Its amazing how the Lord makes up all that you lack when you just try your best! I saw this last week when we found a ton of new people to teach in one of our areas.

But sorry this is long again. But I thank you so much for the prayers that have been said on my behalf... its humbling to think that. thank you. The Lord is taking care of us over here! :) Love you all! Have an amazing week!

Elder Navarro