Monday, November 23, 2015

Big Faith in Luna

Hello family and friends!

This week has been a great one! Our prayers have really been answered as we've seen many miracles that have come forth from peoples ACTIONS. One example is Evangelyne! Sister Evangelyne has such great faith! Her family is very very poor (this is the girl that is praying to be able to finish schooling). We have really been working with her, and her desire is huge to be baptized and come to church, but the only problem is she lives super far away from the church! As in really far... so thats been a problem, these past 2 weeks she has come to church! And we found out how this last week. Everyday she receives 50 pesos for lunch (which is just a little over 1 US dollar). So what she decided to do is save 10 pesos everyday so at the end of the week on Sunday, she can pay for the total of 44 pesos to make it to and from the church building! She's been to church twice already and Elder Treyes and I are so humbled to see her faith in action. The Lord does provide a way, but it won't happen if we just sit down and wait for solutions to come to us. She's been a huge inspiration for me!

And sometimes its amazing to see how far things have come! It has also been a privilege to work with the priests in the branch! They are so eager to come and work with us! I immediately started thinking about when I was a priest being able to go with the missionaries every once in a while to work with them! Seeing their excitement and also their fears and worries reminds me so much of myself when I was in their position... its weird being on the other side as the missionary thats been out for over a year! haha and just figures, that day we went on splits with the priests, we got rejected a ton of times! People were pretty mean about it too! (which doesnt happen too much in the Philippines)

But I just know that this is the true Church of Christ! The Gospel was restored and as recently returned Elder Aldous has said, nothing can change the fact that the church was restored! Nothing can change the fact that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and that Christ visited in the Americas. Nothing can change the fact that we have a living prophet! Its history! And I add my testimony to the many that these things are true!

Also as I've ponderized Moroni 7:48, I've noticed that when I pray to be "filled with this love" even more trials to my patience come. I love the Lord and know He works in the best ways for us!

Thank you for all and Keep the Faith!

Elder Navarro