Monday, February 9, 2015

Good Times

Things are going awesome over here! This morning we got up early so we could play some basketball with another zone who does their p-day over here in Solano! And I have a friend here named Elder Poulter. He played for Rigby high school and is just a year older than me. And I remember playing against him in the summers! So we played against them this morning (4 on 4 and 5 on 5) and gosh it was so fun! It was super nice to be able to play and talk about basketball with him! He's a super nice kid and a good player so we had some battles out there on the court! It was especially nice because I've been having some basketball withdrawals lately. We agreed to get together after the mission and ball it up!

But the work here was a little slow this week. People going out of town, not being there for appointments, and a TON of walking. Sometimes days and weeks like that can be really discouraging and frustrating! I definitely felt that these last few days. But I really learned that it really is a choice to have a good day or not. And Heavenly Father knows my limitations, and won't give me anything I cant handle.. But that doesn't mean it will be easy. A lot of times we have challenges that will really push us to the brink of giving up.... But one of my favorite scriptures has helped me for sure in 2 Nephi 31:20. And the words "press forward with a steadfastness in Christ" really have a new meaning to me.

But another thing that is really saddening is people's situations. Whether its money or a bad day or family troubles, it sucks to have to see people going through that! And even though we cant help them with money or changing their situation, we can give them the best gift this life has to offer which is the gospel. And I'm discovering every day how much and in how many ways the gospel helps us live and its literally endless! A huge example to me of this is Sister Lina. She really doesnt have a lot of money and her and her husband split a while ago so she's raising an 11 year old kid by herself now. She's super strong tho and always seems to be happy even when her situation is hard. There are so so so many other examples of strong saints who continue to press forward even in hard times. I'm super grateful for tender mercies! They are everywhere!

But yeah this week we were able to give people baptismal dates and I feel good about the direction we are going with them! But yeah this week was a slower one for sure. We did however get a surprise visit from the District Presidency and other leaders in our Branch last Sunday so that was awesome and the church is in good hands in this part of the Philippines.

But anyways, Thank you for the update and know that I love you guys!

Elder Navarro
Teaching part of the Plan of Salvation
Indiana Jones pose on a hanging bridge
My comp Elder Baclea-an
We got to fly kites on Prep Day with Elders Volpe and Larona
Girl in the middle Afrilyn, an investigator. She's a stud!
with ZL Elder Kocherhans, He's awesome!

with Elders Larona, Kocherhans and Baclea-an