Monday, March 23, 2015

New Adventures

Yeah things are going awesome! My new area is pretty cool! Like I said before its a city so that means a lot different than Lamut, but it also means a LOT of people to talk to! We've been talking to a TON of people this last week! That's been one of the new changes to our mission: reaching for a lot higher number of "contacts" or new people we talk and testify to. We're trying to become "finding missionaries" which pretty much means every person we meet, we invite them to learn more. Its really been a huge blessing. I feel even more like a missionary and I feel for sure that this is the way Heavenly Father wants us to go.

We have a baptism coming up at the beginning of April! Her family was baptized a few months ago and at first she didnt want to join with them... she's only 20 years old and has a 3 and a half year old son.. so she has had some problems, but now she's ready to join! Its been fun teaching her and Its super exciting to see them grow strong together! They are an amazing family! DelaCruz family just so ya know.

Another family here is the Baticulo family! They were also baptized a few months ago and are working hard to prepare to go to the temple to be sealed! We were over there a few days ago and they have a scripture reading chart in their house! And we got to be a part of their family scripture study! Its was so cool because even the kids are into it! They are a truly converted family and its so amazing to see that!~

this week was honestly the hardest week of my mission for sure. there were 3 days this last week where I was just soooo frustrated. It was either my companion, the language, or just people rejecting us. But I really didnt feel good at all, and it was hard to keep going some days. These last 2 days have gone really well though and I worked my way out of it. I decided to fast one day to just try and find an answer to how I could feel better. The answer came that afternoon so strongly to me! It came when I had a prompting to look through my pictures from my mission and when I saw pictures of Elder Volpe and Elder Larona, Saguire, Baclea-an, the members, I started to remember why I was out here. Especially when I saw pictures of myself. It was like looking at a different missionary,and one I wanted to be like! So that helped me a ton.

Love you and Keep the faith!

Elder Navarro

Met a local RM same batch my dad was(1985). Showed us couple of pictures.

Philippines Davao Mission 1985. Dad looked like a 12 year old missionary then haha