Monday, June 1, 2015

The Field is WHITE!

WOW! I just want to say first how EXCITED I AM THAT MY BROTHER GOT HIS MISSION CALL! Gosh That gets me soooooo happy!

But I'll start with one of our new investigators, Angel Curioso. So he was a referral that came from a different zone in TUG North because he went to church over there, and when we got the text it said, "go to this person IMMEDIATELY!" And the next 2 days we were getting texts and calls from him and from his member friends telling us to go visit him. But just because we literally didnt have time, we didnt get to him until a few days later. Our first visit was only 15 minutes because we had a meeting to get to but we left him with a reading assignment about the restoration and left. The next day he came to our Stake Conference then afterwards later that day we went back to his house. As always he was really excited to see us. Right as we began we closed the prayer and asked if he'd read the assignment and he said he finished it. That was the first surprising thing because that doesnt happen to often. Then he goes on to explain about the apostasy and Joseph Smith with a pretty good knowledge about it. "Okay sweet" I thought "He's got a good idea already" And then as we start talking about prophets and we asked a question I dont remember what, but then he explains in DETAIL the apostasy (what, why, the reason there are so many churches) Hahaha we were shocked!!! I just found myself laughing a little bit! All we had to do was testify to him and then invite him to be baptized! But it was one of the biggest assurances to me that the Lord is preparing His people!

And then the sisters in our ward are being pulled out so our area is getting a lot bigger! And that just means our planning skills are going to get a lot better! But something I've found this last few weeks is that one of the biggest motivations I have to work hard and be obedient is because I want to help these people so bad and the only way I can do that is by working hard, being obedient, and obtaining the spirit! And I have so many weaknesses sometimes its frustrating but I'm so thankful that we're not doing this work alone and we truly have divine help.

We also had a lot of opportunities to do community service this week so thats always a lot of fun! But time is short! I couldnt stop watching my brother open his mission call! I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR HIM!!! When we both see each other he'll be going of in spanish and I wont be able to understand him! haha But I know this work is true! I love it so much and am blessed every day! So humbling to know that. And another thing. I have a testimony of the blessings of the law of tithing and fasting! That is something that was focused on in our Stake Conference. I felt the spirit sooooo strong as our Area Seventy (Elder Coliado) spoke about the importance of this law. The Lord doesnt need our money... but he needs us to show faith in him and show him that we are willing to help others and that He is a lot more important than our money... This is something ive been focusing on in my personal studies and my testimony of it is sure! It is from God!And God wants to "open the windows of heaven" to us! Love you! and keep the faith!


Elder Navarro