Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Not Much Time

So I dont have much time left, but... (some stories i sent my family)

Our week over here has been great! One of the highlights was the Solano District Conference this last week. It was awesome to see all the Saints in the Solano District gathered together like that! President and Sister Rahlf also came and spoke and holy cow they are definitely inspired and being led!

So we are teaching a younger kid named Nicole and she loves religion and loves Christ, so we've been teaching her for a while and she believes that Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon is true, but she is still a little apprehensive about getting baptized. But the past lessons it has almost been just like a good time, but now I think she realized that we werent just there to laugh and have a good time, but we were completely serious about our invitation to her to be baptized. But I'm super excited for her because I can literally see and feel the Holy Ghost testifying to her that this is what she needs to do! Now I really hope she just commits and then maybe her parents will let us teach them as well! That would be so awesome! I've been really praying to find a family to teach! That is seriously the greatest thing in the world!

pict of a Tricycle or "Tricee"
A cool experience last night actually. We were working in Sta. Lucia and we had a dinner appointment at 6. And since our area is gigantic, it was probably about 45 mins away from Sta. Lucia. So long story short, we were in the middle of a teaching and I looked at the clock and noticed it was 5:50. I thought, "oh crap.. I absolutely hate being late and we're still really far away!" So in my head I thought again, "eh its alright... we'll catch a tricee and then a quick jeepney and we'll only be like 10 mins late." Even though I had a feeling that we had overstayed our visit there. So we finished up and jetted outside to try and catch a tricee.... 3 passed by us without stopping and then all of the sudden, there was absolutely none. Then we received a text from our dinner appointment asking where we were. I felt horrible!! So we just started speed walking and I was praying so hard that we would find a tricycle. I prayed "Heavenly Father, I know we should've left earlier and planned a lot better, but please please please send us a tricycle so we can get there fast" But there was still nothing. Usually you can hear them buzzing around but there was none! I was sooooo disappointed, but as we were walking I saw a parked tricycle and we decided to go ask for help and a ride and amazingly, they agreed and we got a ride to the highway, And I was thinking on the ride that this was really sent from God. I think sometimes we think that God will just give the things we ask for to us with nothing on our part, no effort besides the fact that we ask. But I believe Heavenly Father taught me a lesson last night. That He will prepare, according to his will, a way. But we have to be willing to take the step of faith and act. And in my case that was looking for a tricee and doing everything I could to obtain one. I know that God answered my prayer even more because right when we got to the highway there was a jeepney right there as if it were waiting for us... and it was one of those really really fast jeepneys! So I don't believe at all that experience was a mere coincidence.
Keep pressing forward! Heavenly Father loves His children and this work is being led by Him and Jesus Christ!

Elder Navarro