Monday, August 31, 2015

New Adventures and Time Flies!!

Hello Family and Friends!

Alright! Saying goodbye to all the families and friends I had grown so close to in Tuguegarao was HARD! Thats definitely one of the hardest things about being a missionary, leaving areas where you've worked so hard and gotten close to the people! But thats how it has to be sometimes. I dont think the Lord wants us to get so comfortable in life that we stop learning and progressing. I believe its the same with all parts of life. I remember something President Eyring said about the topic, that if life seems so easy and you don't really have any troubles... just wait.

But now, here I am in my new area! And that area is...(drum roll)... SANTIAGO NORTH ZONE! In the Baluarte Ward. And my new companion is my first foreigner companion! His name is Elder Paea from Tonga. He's an awesome hardworking missionary and super funny! I feel like I'm living in "The Other Side of Heaven" haha. But turns out "koli poki" means nothing. Its not a word. But I'm so excited for this next cycle. I was talking with Elder Paea and he says he has a really good feeling about this next cycle, so we'll see what the Lord has in store for us in the Baluarte Ward!

Another little twist in my new area is when President Rahlf called and said I would be serving as the zone leader as well. Its a humbling experience for sure and I've felt the Lord expand the capacity to love all the missionaries in a way that I hope Christ would.

But the Macarubbo family was doing really well when I left! When we said goodbye I told them that I wanted to come back in a year when they are about to go through the temple to be sealed as a family! :) And the work here in Baluarte is also exciting! Going around getting to know all the investigators the members and the people has been great! One of them is Sister Lynn who has been coming to church for months and has been watching her family around her accept the gospel! Hopefully one day they'll all come into the gospel! We also found another family from a referral of a member! The Natividad family and they are super interested in the gospel! The tatay was introduced to the church when he was a kid, but now that he has a family he said that the church has a different kind of meaning to him. We'll be praying for guidance to know how to help nurture this seed that brother has in his heart.

But thats about it for this week! Just want to add one thing that has stuck out to me in my personal study from Moroni 7. All things that invite and enticeth to do good and be good comes from God and is inspired of God. We all have a divine gift of the Light of Christ given to every person ever born on the earth. This helps us distinguish right from wrong in all things and helps us come to know that the gospel is true. I hope that we can all recognize and help people recognize this divine gift of the spirit!!!! I've seen it in soooo many people! ITS REAL! This Church is true and is the only living church on the face of the earth!

Take care errbody!

Elder Navarro