Monday, November 2, 2015

Mission Tour with Elder and Sister Schwitzer

Hello Family and Friends

This last week was an awesome and spiritual week! We had a General Authority come and visit our mission! Elder Schwitzer of the Seventy spoke at the last general conference and is over all the health of the missionaries in the whole world! He came to our MLC and talked a lot about a 12 leadership principles list that he's made and learned from the Apostles and from his own personal experience! It was an awesome meeting with him! And then at the actual mission tour, he talked all about repentance and its role in the conversion process. Its amazing what he did with it! He drew on the board a picture of the Plan of Salvation and then he said it was a wonderful and useful "road map" of the plan, but it doesnt include the things we need to do to eventually receive Celestial Glory. He then drew a different version of the plan of salvation that included conversion as having the gospel, or faith and repentance, etc. And then after receiving that ordinance, sanctification is the next step, including the temple... That probably didnt make a whole lot of sense but it was awesome!

And one of the coolest parts of the Mission Tour, was that it was held in... SOLANO! Or my first area! It was sooo cool to go back to that area! I've already seen some things that have changed and was able to see a lot of things that I did every Pday in Solano! Needless to say it was very reminiscent!! Brought back a lot of memories.

This last week, we saw a miracle with 2 men that seem to have been prepared by the Lord! One was Brother Estabillo! We were a little reluctant at first to contact him because his house was gated and had a bunch of signs from another religion that isnt so nice to us haha, but we felt like we should and we did! So we started yelling out, "Tao po" and he came out and we were shocked to learn that he was like excited to see us! He let us straight in and were able to teach him. When we came back for the follow up, we taught him about prophets and the restoration. When I mentioned to him that we have a living prophet, he was like, "Wait a minute... you mean to say theres a living prophet today?" I happily responded "thats exactly what we're saying"... He had a really puzzled look on his face as I could tell he was pondering on what we had said. He repeated the question over and over to us. And then finally said, "How can you say you know?" Oh that question brought a smile to my face! I said, "let me tell you how we can say we know!" :) At the end of the lesson we left him a Book of Mormon with an invitation to read. He's a awesome brother!

Another was one guy we just saw on the street... I wont go way too much in detail, but we both felt a prompting to talk to him and it turns out he was the father of our Ward mission leader that we hadnt met yet... he wasnt a member but he straight up told us he knew the church was true, but he couldn't get rid of his drinking and smoking problem. We testified to him that he could with the help of Christ. I'm so excited to teach him... oh wait.. i forgot...

I'm being transferred this cycle... That stinks. This has been my shortest area, but its gonna stink saying bye again. But I'm excited for a new area and new experience! I'll let you know where next week!

But I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ! I have a new witness that the gospel of Jesus Christ and especially the Book of Mormon. That's something I've been focusing on in my personal study lately. There is a purpose and a reason that there is suffering and trials in this life. 2 Nephi 2 talks all about how there needs to be an opposition in all things or the purposes of God would be thwarted. Jesus Christ live and we have a loving Father in Heaven!

Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Navarro