Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

First off I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I'm thankful for my wonderful mother! She's sooooo awesome! :)

But this week has been awesome! Went on a few splits this last week. One with Elder Padol and then another with Elder Larona our zone leader. I learned a ton! But one thing I really took away was a big reminder of how significant the First Vision was! Here we find the answers to a lot of the confusion of soooo many years! 1) God answers prayers! It may be in different kinds of ways and different timing, but He does answer. 2) God the Father and Christ are two separate beings with perfect Resurrected bodies. and 3) God has called a prophet in our time! Gosh so cool!

But this last week we got a lot of rain! And the one day I decide to wear my dress sandals (dont worry they're allowed) it rains like crazy! So my feet were completely soaked that day! But that same day we had a lesson with Sheryl Domingo, one of our investigators who is really concerned why there are so many churches and which one is right.... perfect situation right? :).. so we decided it would be a good time to watch the Restoration video about Joseph Smith. And after it was over she just told us how amazed she was and felt exactly how Joseph Smith felt! We then testified that just like Joseph, she herself could receive just as strong of an answer to her question! We had one of the young men from the ward with us and he also testified of his conversion and coming to know of First Vision, and the spirit was soooo strong in that lesson! Gosh I'm so excited!

There's also Erlinda Durwin, and she has a baptismal date on May 16, and so naturally, because its getting close to that date, she's beginning to see some challenges. And so last night we talked about Enduring to the End and the covenant of baptism, and gosh it was just so awesome to see her testimony! She's knows these things are true because she's acted on her faith by reading, praying, coming to church, living the commandments! And even though she's nervous she knows its what she wants to do! Even her sister commented on how much positive changes she's seen in her little sister as she's been doing these things! This is so true! Holy cow!

But yeah! There was supposed to be another huge storm coming here, but we just got a lot of rain and some pretty strong winds, but nothing too big. All is well here in the Phils.! But I just know that this work is true! I also have a testimony of the callings of people in the church. We had a change in our bishopric yesterday and I just know for a fact that whomever the Lord calls, He qualifies. And we have an opportunity to sustain and support our leaders who are being guided by Jesus Christ himself.

But have a great week and again Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers! We love you!!!!!!!!!

Elder Navarro