Monday, September 28, 2015

Do You Have National Family Week?

Hello Family and Friends,
Well this week has been hard but rewarding! Last Saturday was the baptism of Junalyn Dultiao! I've mentioned their family before, but they are a family with a strong testimony! Two of the siblings were baptized in last April and ever since then, they have been embraced by the ward and have developed awesome testimonies! Their plan is to have all of their family eventually join the church and Sister Junalyn was the 3rd in their family to be baptized! We are teaching their brother, Eduardo and their little brother and they have a growing interest in the Church as their family is joining! Its been an amazing to watch how enthusiastic they have been about the gospel!!!!
This last week also we had something unique to the Philippines! Here, there is a national holiday called National Family Week! And of course, as a church that is focused on the family, we do a lot to support this awesome even in the Philippines! So on Saturday morning we got up and had a fun walk with all kinds of different sayings about the family and then had a little celebration at the church! A ton of fun!!!!
Then we also had a service project feeding kids at an elementary school! They LOVED IT! Gosh and I had so much fun! The kids loved taking pictures and playing games! i had em laughing reallll good! haha :)
Sorry I dont have much time left... but I love you all! I know that this work is true! I see too much evidence of it to deny it! I love the ward! I love the area! I love the mission! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and they call their servants to organize and care for the work here on Earth! The Book of Mormon is true!

Thank you so much for the support! Have a great week!

Elder Navarro