Monday, March 14, 2016

Awesome Week!

This week was great!

We had a couple of super powerful spiritual experiences this last week. We've been working with an investigator named Henry Canta for probably about 2 months now, a middle aged man with 3 sons. He's been super interested in the gospel and actually was an investigator for some time a few years ago, but never continued because for some reason, the Elders didn't come back one day. Anyways, the only problem we've had with him (and this is the problem we see with most of the people we teach) is that he hasn't completely grasped the idea that there is only one true church. His belief is that if you believe in Christ and do good and be nice, you will be saved... which to an extent is true. Exaltation is a different conversation. Anyways, we felt that we should watch the Restoration video with him, just so he could see and have a good idea of who Joseph Smith was and what really happened to him. (It makes a big difference in my opinion when investigators have a real visual so they can really see what it was like). As always, it was powerful to watch that video and feel of the spirit testify of Joseph Smith and the Restoration. And after discussing it and testifying for a few minutes after, we invited him to pray to close. And while he was praying, in the middle of his prayer, it was a like a wall just came out of nowhere and I felt one of the most powerful manifestations of the spirit that Joseph was a prophet and that our message was true. I could tell I wasn't the only one feeling it because I started to hear in Brother Canta's voice that he was starting to cry! He included in his prayer this, "Please make it manifest to me if Joseph Smith was a true prophet" After that, he was just thanking us for teaching him and for the things he had been learning. He then said over and over, "Iba talaga ito" which is something like "this feels a lot different." We couldn't let an opportunity like that pass, so we testified that it was the Holy Ghost testifying to him that the message was true. It was one of the most powerful moments of my whole mission. While we were driving home, I asked Elder Pandaog, "Did you feel that during his prayer?" He said, "Yeah I did!"

Haha tell Toby that I totally understand what his job is like! Haha moving things like crazy and almost becoming the moving squad! But this last week, Elder Jones (a senior couple missionary over the housing) had us come with him out to Naguilian (where the storage unit is) and we just did a whole home makeover of the place. We had 2 storage units, but we "consolidated" it all into one unit. Which means we took almost everything out of both and packed it all into one. One of the funny things was we got rid of a lot of the desks and extra stuff that no one is going to use and told the people really close there that they could just have it... when they saw that people started taking the stuff we just set out, people FLOCKED! It was like people just started coming out of nowhere to grab a desk and some stuff! It was a funny sight!

But I know this work is true! I join in the millions that say "Hallelujah" for the Savior! I know that God lives and that Jesus is our Savior! He loves and is aware of all people! Thank you for the love and support!

Elder Navarro #1 (Brandon)

Don't worry that's soup! haha

And that guy is our Branch Mission Leader, Brother James