Monday, July 27, 2015

Being A Man

Sorry this one is not going to be very long....
But Wow! I love being a missionary! This last week we had an Elder's Conference in Cauayan with President and Sister Rahlf! They talked to all the Elders about what being a real man is. Its not growing huge beards, chopping down trees... (even though we did do that last week in our service project!), or wrestling bears to the ground, but rather it's how you treat women. Its how you magnify your calling as a priesthood holder. Its how you show the Lord your love for him. Its doing the right thing when no one is watching or when everyone around you isnt. That's what being a real man is. Serving God. We also spent a lot of time studying about Ammon and how he was a real man! It made me reflect a lot on the real men I've been able to be in contact with in my life! My dad is a real man. My leaders in youth growing up were real men. President Rahlf is a real man. I hope and pray I can become a real man and continue to improve and change every day!
I honestly have no more time... But next week I will give an update on the people we are teaching and how they are doing! :) which is good! :)
I've been studying about the Brother of Jared and in Ether chapter 2, the Lord says a phrase that I absolutely love "GO TO WORK"
I love this time and I love you! The God of Israel Leads This Mission!
Elder Navarro