Monday, May 18, 2015

Busy Week

Well this week has been busy! 
I'll start off with our baptism! Which was hectic! It was Friday night and the baptism was supposed to be on Saturday and we still couldn't a hold of our Ward Mission Leader to help organize a program and what not. So I was getting a little worried so we went ahead and assigned speakers and kind of made a program. Then the next morning he finally called and we got it all organized in time! Pheww! But the service was awesome! There were a lot of the Single Adults there which was perfect! And it just was a really nice service and the spirit was definitely felt! There's something that just feels really good when someone makes a covenant with God and just bears pure testimony! But anyway. 
But this week has been jam packed! We had interviews with President and Sister Rahlf this week! So they came into Tuguegarao and its always nice to get some 1 on 1 time with the mission president and his wife! I feel like a lot of revelation can come at opportunities like that! And then the little treats they give are really nice too! We also had our Ward Conference and a reorganization of the bishopric. I've noticed a huge them here has been sustaining our local leaders. I feel like every talk by our Stake President is about that haha but its so true. All our leaders are called of God for a purpose. Maybe its for them to learn maybe its for someone specific that only they can reach, but theres a purpose. 
Gosh theres been like a mini hastening in Tuguegarao ward 4! I feel like we're meeting just a ton of prepared people! Brother Ruel is one of them. So it had been a while since we've visited him just because he's been an investigator for a long time, and we thought he was on vacation with his wife (member) so we hadnt been over there for a while, then a few days ago, his mother in law came up to us, who is a member and asked us why we hadnt been over to see Ruel in a while. Anyway we scheduled a visit with him yesterday and he was unusually excited to see us... It was kind of cool! And then we taught him a lesson about faith and obedience and just took some time to read and discuss from the Book of Mormon in 1 Ne. 3 and 4. Gosh it was cool and the spirit strong when Brother talked about his desire and testimony of the gospel and then his wife bore her testimony as well about her conversion. He told us the only thing holding him back from setting a baptismal date is he still has a few questions about the Book of Mormon. And we started answering them, but ran out of time. So we're heading back over there on Tuesday and he said he wanted to have more time to ask and for us to help answer his questions. 
Another is the cousin of an active family in the ward! Sister Angelie. So she's 13 years old and has been coming to church with this family for a long time! So we went over to their house and talked about it and she told us how much she wants to join the church but right now she cant because her mother wont allow it right now. We're going to just keep praying and seeing how this could work out. 
I would write more but this is becoming a biography of our investigators so I'll stop. But yeah this week has been busy busy busy! I got to play the piano for our ward choir and now I get to play again for the youth in stake conference this week! And those who know my piano skills, I'm not THAT good haha but just like the gift of tongues, if I practice and have faith I think I can do this! :) 
But thank you for the support! I know this work is true and we are all brothers and sisters! Our leaders are inspired and I have a testimony that they are called of God. Especially our prophet Thomas S. Monson. I support and sustain him as a living prophet of God!
Keep the Faith! 
Elder Navarro