Monday, November 9, 2015

New Area, New Adventures

Hello family and friends,

I'll probably keep this one a little shorter just because of time constraints, but this week has been crazy! Said goodbye to all the people I knew in Santiago and got ready to meet my new area. Even though I really wasnt in that area for too long, it was still sad to say goodbye to some of them. But my new area is... Cauayan! Yup, finally got assigned in the middle of the mission and get to experience the actual Cauayan! Excited for this new area and a new assignment with housing!!

The work has already been going really really well! I love all of the members and the investigators in this area! The people are very very nice! We have an investigator named Evangeline that has a huge testimony of the gospel! She reads the Book of Mormon every day, and is just doing great! The only problem is that her house is so far away from the church that they have a really hard time making it on Sunday's. So we're trying to find members that live really close that can help her with transportation.

My new companion is Elder Treyes from Bacolod. He's an awesome Elder who really has a gift of seeing people as they are! He's cool and excited to work with him!

My personal studies have really been focused on Prophecies and the fulfillment of them lately. Its been a testimony builder to see how Christ used ancient scripture to show that he was the fulfillment of the coming of a Savior. Prophecies He used to show that he would be betrayed as "the stone that the builder's rejected." It seems to be a pattern through all prophets, including those in the Book of Mormon. The book of Mormon and the Bible being the Stick of Ephraim and the Stick of Joseph. The prophets realizing that they were the fulfillment of the "voice crying out of the dust" I know that all the prophecies made by the prophets WILL BE FULFILLED!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Navarro
Proselyting with a Ford Truck was a big change

New companion Elder Treyes

with Elder Villalon, Santiago area companion