Monday, April 27, 2015

Tatay na Ako

Well transfer week is over and I have my new companion! His name is Elder Claudio from Cagayan De Oro and he's an excited new missionary! I can already tell that he's willing to work and be obedient which is such a blessing! Transfer week also brought a lot of surprises and super happy moments!!! On transfer day, we got to Cauayan and I was just talking with some people when I heard a voice call out my name! I recognized it and it was Elder Larona!!! (who I found out the day before was coming to TUG South! and was one of the first missionaries I met here in the mission and was my zone leader in Solano) Gosh I was soooooo excited to see him! And then I also saw a bunch of people I knew in Solano! Elder Larson, Saguire, Eudela, Cabaliza, Sisters Koncurat, Akau, Mariano... It was like a super joyous Solano family reunion! It honestly felt like an Alma and the Sons of Mosiah moment I was so happy!

And then also with Elder de Guzman going home I got a call from President that I would be replacing him as the district leader here. So things are getting busy over here!

The work is going well! Here are a few miracles from the week: This whole week I've been having a super strong feeling that we needed to go visit one of our less active members named Nanay Baggay, and we hadn't had time all week until last night! And when we went over there, we shared about prophets and how much God wanted her to go come back to church. She then shared a bunch of experiences from her life and the feelings specifically that she had been having this week that she needed to come back. And when I heard her say that, it was like an instant confirmation of why I had been feeling so strongly that we needed to go visit her! We shared how much we loved her and wanted her to come back. The spirit was sooo strong at that moment!

I also learned how important members are in helping new people feel comfortable at church! We had an investigator come to church yesterday with a lot of little kids. And they had been coming to church for weeks, but for some reason this time, she got really offended at something that one of the youth said or did, I dont know. But then she texted us expressing a lot of sorrow and anger at her experience... We're going over there tonight to kind of help her understand that its really sad but people arent perfect! We all make mistakes sometimes, but its so important to hold on to whats really important as we all try to become "true saints who arent perfect but continue to try to be" as we learned in General Conference.

Anyways. I know that this church is true! And that sometimes people arent perfect, but the worst thing to do when maybe people do offend you is leave the truths that we love and cherish! I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior! He and Heavenly Father want us to understand them in a world where there are sooooo many different views of Diety. The church was restored through Joseph Smith! I know it!

Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Navarro