Monday, July 25, 2016

"A Marvelous Work"

Hello Family and Friends,

This week has been pretty crazy! Had a lot of meetings and were all over the place this last week.

There are a lot of hindrances for those who are very close to making huge steps in their lives. The Ruiz family has been doing super great especially these past 3 weeks or so. They had a plan and were preparing for baptism this coming July 30th, but because of temptation, Brother Ruiz broke the Word of Wisdom or the Lord's law of health.... But the good news is, he's made such huge progress from being a hardcore smoker to being almost completely clean! Its been a big blessing for their family. Because of that, Sister Jessa will be baptized first this upcoming week and Brother will have to follow. Sister Jessa has been ready for over a month and we feel that she should be baptized and receive full fellowship in the church. The real goal is the temple, so they will be able to go there together for sure.

I've been studying a lot about early Church History these past few days and have really just felt refreshed. I know that Joseph Smith was called of God and this is the work Isaiah saw that is a "marvelous work and a wonder" The Restoration of the Gospel happened and this is the Church of Jesus Christ. Have a great week! 

Elder Navarro

1) The "New Missionaries and Trainers Meeting" Just after 4 weeks in the field. 
2) Got to go back to my 3rd area and see some members I knew there.