Monday, April 13, 2015

General Conference

This week has brought a lot of blessing for sure! The work has been full of miracles, surprises, and blessings! This last week we had the chance to extend several baptismal dates! And I think all of them were people that were almost literally brought to us! There's been a lot of focus on finding in our mission lately and there have been a lot of people "found" but its amazing seeing how the Lord has been preparing people in His time. One sister came to General Conference this last weekend! I was a little worried that she wouldnt be able to understand all of the messages that were being said (because it was english) but I trusted that the Spirit would testify to her that what was being said was true! Another miracle was the Inan family! We found them just sitting and started talking to them. Eventually were able to share a short message. Then another sister came in in a later lesson and expressed how she had been taught by missionaries a long time ago, and wanted to be taught again! She then started asking about church services and baptism and living day prophets. We testified of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, of Thomas S. Monson and of the love of God for all of us. She responded by expressing to us that she wanted to be baptized. And that she believes.

This last General Conference was really amazing! I just need to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!! Many of the messages spoke to me very personally! Some of my favorites (and from what I hear the favorites of many) was Elder Anderson's the music of the gospel. So true that sometimes we can get lost in the dancesteps! Another was Elder Causse about if the Gospel is still wonderful to us. Elder Holland about the role of the Atonement for all of us. And Elder Ringwood about being truly good and without guile.

I honestly dont know what to say right now. But I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. The Book of Mormon is true! God listens to our prayers and knows each one of us individually! I know that for sure because a lot of my prayers were answered in listening to the messages of General Conference.

I have seen my weaknesses more than ever on my mission and especially in these last few weeks. Never has Ether 12:27 meant so much to me. I am so thankful for the enabling power of the Atonement. So many times in myself and in others have I seen that power helping people get through struggles and challenges!

Thank you so much for your examples to me. I wish I could be like you for real!

Elder Navarro