Monday, December 15, 2014

Yeah. This has literally been the best week of my mission so far!

We had our branch Christmas party this last Saturday. It was the funnest thing of my life! The people here really know how to make something fun! I wish i could describe it but the feeling of love for everyone there was so apparent! And the primary kids did like a nativity presentation and it was the best little thing you'll ever see! So pure! So humble and you could just see a sort of spirit radiating from them! :) We also had a little presentation.. haha it wasnt as good as the others.. but people threw little pesos at us while we were singing so it was a good time.

I dont know... something really switched this last week! During this Christmas party, I felt so comfortable and at home! I think up till this last week I had been telling myself that I love it here.. and i did, but maybe deep down I really missed home! But really in the humblest way I can say it, I wouldnt want to be anywhere else in the world right now. and that is literally my honest opinion.

But enough about me. The Branch is starting to take HUGE steps in its progression! So amazing to see the work hastening here our small corner of the world in Lamut/Bagabag! Its equally as amazing how much the Lord prepares his people! The way we meet people and seeing them receive the gospel of Jesus Christ is no coincidence and theres no doubt in my mind about that! We taught about the Restoration a ton this last week and I can remember one young guy.. he works in a poultry house and we taught him over there and at first we could tell he was a little nervous at the beginning but when we asked him to pray, it was one of the most sincere prayers i've ever heard... and after that the spirit was sooooo strong and this guy was tearing up! The power of prayer is so real. especially coming from people who honestly seek our Father in Heaven.

In other news.... i ate brain this last week. yep. didnt know it was brain until after I was done eating it but all is well, all is well. That night i really felt a LOT smarter than before... so if you have a test tomorrow or something... i highly recommend Dinakdakan.
Well, I'll stop boring you... Just know that God's hand is truly everywhere! I know for a fact that when we give Him our best effort, He will bless us more than we can imagine... I Love Christmas season!!! And everyone says it but it cant be said enough! Christ is the center of Christmas! and people cherish and love Christmas because the spirit of Christ is felt as the world takes a season to recognize Him!


Elder Navarro
With the sweetest lady ever, investigator Nanay Valdez

Christmas musical number. Elders Saguire, me, Volpe and Larona 

Can get a bit chilly at night. Long sleeves shirt time
Riding on top of "Jeepney" common place for missionaries to sit when these mode of transport is full of passengers

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