Monday, November 24, 2014

Tender Mercies Are Everywhere!

This week really has been great! I think the definite highlights of the week were these two things.. we taught a lesson to the District President, President Dulnuan, about gratitude.. and I was a little apprehensive because we had already taught i think 2 active members and i was afraid we were wasting our time... (time is never wasted when you are inviting anyone to come unto Christ)... but it turned out to be one of the most spiritual moments of my entire life... i cant really explain what exactly it was.. but the message had become super personal to us as the missionaries.. but we came to find out that it was super personal to their family as well... The spirit was soooo strong in that lesson that... I dont know i cant even describe it! The kids also were awesome! one of them was really really rowdy but when testimonies and personal experiences started to be shared.. everyone calmed down.. undeniably because the spirit was there..... amazing.

The other was yesterday when we did splits with some members of the ward! We went out and it was my first time teaching without my companion and the two i went with are awesome!! but they didnt have much experience in this kind of thing... but we found a family and they were super nice people! even though they appeared a little sketchy... but we ended up teaching the Restoration of the Gospel to them!

We then went just my companion and me and a awesome member.. we found a man named Jeff and he is really knowledgeable in Christian things and is really willing to ask questions.. which is a nice change because a lot of people are really shy here. But we teach him again tonight so im pumped for that for sure!

I cant think of too many crazy experiences.. but one of my favorite things to do is seriously riding on the back of the jeepneys!!! especially because its just soooo beautiful here!! everywhere is pretty in a different way!. OH and the stars.. WOW... thats somethin else for sure! But Life is great! Loving almost every second! the only time not.. maybe that first few seconds waking up.... im still not a morning person haha but all is well!

One of the focuses of our mission is sharing the "Gift of Jesus Christ"!! He really is the Gift! He is everything for us! I know He lives..... I know that God will communicate with us! sometimes its not exactly how we expect it but He will.

Have a great week!

Elder Navarro

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