Monday, November 17, 2014

Mahal ko ang Diyos! (I love God)

This week has been probably the best week of my mission so far! 

I didnt experience as much of a culture shock as i expected right at the beginning of getting here (probably due to us staying in the Phils MTC) which has been a huge blessing!!! But this week I've felt really comfortable in how things work and in lessons.. its been great! Elder Saguire and I were able to have a lot of success this week!

I also discovered this morning that I am pretty scared of spiders...... especially ones as big as my face!!!!! We woke up at 5 to go jogging and to play basketball with some members and people around the area. So when I crawled out of bed still half asleep... I went into the other room and was looking for some socks or something... when I put my head up, I was greeted by a HUGE spider on the wall!!!! Holy crap i was super freaked out!  I jumped back and just kinda stared at it for a while.. marveling how big the thing was!!!!! I turned the light on and it started crawling faster than the speed of light on the wall!!!!! I called for my companion to come look at it and we grabbed our bug killer stuff and carefully edged forward to spray the beast... Long story short it crawled into my bags... (which was scary to look for) and then we eventually killed it... but oh boy that woke me up for sure!!!!! 

Anyways.... I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE! The members that we have been able to have family home evenings and dinners with have been amazing!!!! They are so nice and kind and funny! So hospitable to us and willing to help! They feed us Awesome food too.... 

Yesterday was my first sunday in the Branch because last week was District Conference and it was pretty different.. Its held in a garage because the building is under construction in Bagabag... but it was kinda funny because i had always heard of "filipino standard time"... but i realized truly what that meant when we started sacrament meeting at 935.... and church is at 9. HAHA but I got to get up and introduce myself and bear my testimony to the congregation.. in tagalog! Great experience. 

Like I said earlier, we had a lot of lessons this past week and people are awesome and especally the spirit is awesome! The promise is so true that we will know in the very hour what we should say... and even in my limited vocabulary of tagalog.. i am somehow divinely able to get a message across to the people we teach! Then Elder Saguire fills in the rest ha.. but he's awesome!

Got my first taste of filipino basketball this morning!! the gym was AWESOME!! its like a mini arena.. its outdoor... but its indoor... its hard to describe but its a great gym!! and playing this morning was sooooooo nice!!

Anyway..I decided to get a Book of Mormon to read it again and to mark all the references to Christ in it... and so far its been such an amazing experience!! I want to share a scripture(s): Alma 54:10 this is in the war chapters and has a beautiful verse for us to consider! "we will maintain our religion for the cause of our God"!  this got me thinking... WOW! I need to always remember to stand up for what i believe in! Not for others. not for my friends... and maybe not even for my family... (although they are a big part) but for my God! I love that!

but anyway... this is a beautiful part of the world! I'm amazed every day! sorry this one was long!!! seriously! but have a great week!


Elder Navarro

Haha this kids name is Asher! hes one of the funniest kids ever! ha this is one of the few times you'll ever see him not smiling because he was really scared of the chickens hahahaha

Hinanap ang malaking chair

Ate chicken intestines on a stick today.

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