Friday, November 7, 2014

Lamut, Solano District-First Area (Elder Saguire)

Hello everybody!

I love being here so much!!!!!!!!! We met the mission president and his wife at the mission home in Cauayan and had lunch and got the chance to take it all in for a second and then had an orientation and then right after that we had our "Transfer Meeting" where we met our new trainers!!!!!! My companion/trainers name is Elder Saguire! He's from the philippines and he's an awesome missionary!!! this is only his 4th cycle but he knows what he's doin!!

Our mission has a song and one of the lines in it is "The God of Israel Leads this mission today" And it couldnt get any more true than that statement!!! If we give our best effort he will bless us and the people we teach!!

After the meeting i found out that my area was 3 hours away from cauayan.. so we hopped in a van to head on our way! it was crazy!!! the scenes were sooooooo pretty!!! honestly it really reminded me of Idaho! most of the mission is farmland!!! but obviously there different crops than idaho ha! mostly rice.... well pretty much all rice. haha.

The first night we taught a lesson to MaryRose, a 17 year old girl who is investigating the church... havent gotten to know her too well but i was able to extend the baptismal invitation to her in tagalog! didnt do much more than that,but im excited for her!!!!!

We got to meet a lot of the people here and they are soooo awesome!!!! such nice people! really fun and loving!!! even for a new american like me! haha but no people either think im from the philippines or they call me Joe. i've seen both ha. 
We've been so busy here with meeting and conferences since ive been here we havent had to much time to actually go out and teach people! but this weeek its go time!
President and Sister Rahlf are AWWWEEESSOOOMMMEEE!! I love them! I was lucky because the first sunday here was district conference and there was an area 70 there as well as the Rahlf's!!!! And Pres. Rahlf spoke several times and his messages were great about Hastening the Work!!!! The Lord is hastening His work!! Are we? :) ummm my favorite quote so far has been this... Success starts with TAO PO! which is like knocking here. hahaha.. but seriously i hope everything is going well back at home! You'll be in my prayers!!

sorry this letter is so scrambled... theres so much on my mind its a little overwhelming haha but Christ Lives!!!!! We have a valuable tool in the scriptures! It is a literal way that God can give us answers very specifically. i know that He will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The God of Israel Leads This Work

Love you all!

Elder Navarro

Rice Field


I thought you'd get a kick out of our bathroom!

Letter from home-hidden in bedding!

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