Friday, October 31, 2014

Landed in the Philippines Cauayan Mission Home

 From Sister Rahlf's Philippines Cauayan Mission Blog......

Posted: 10 Nov 2014 02:26 AM PST

Morning, November 5
10:30 AM

And they're here! After weeks and months of planning, preparing, studying, thinking, praying and waiting, our newest missionaries arrive and are welcomed at the airport.

They notice right away that it's pretty warm here…but the excitement of finally being in the mission field overrides the heat.


After coming to the mission home and office from the airport, we stay very busy.  Luggage is unloaded and then orientation begins.  We introduce ourselves, along with the senior couples.  Then we take a lot of pictures:  a group photo, one with each missionary and President and Sister Rahlf, and one individual picture that will go on the Mission Directory Board in President's office.  Lunch is served (and devoured) and then we break into groups for more detailed instruction from the assistants and individual interviews with President Rahlf. Each missionary also meets with Sister Rahlf for health guidelines; Elder and Sister Honeycutt for office and finance; Elder and Sister Shorter for housing and CLS; and Elder and Sister Campbell for commissary items.  The minutes go by fast, and all of a sudden, it's the  for the Transfer Meeting, where our new missionaries will meet their trainer and first companion.


Thank you Sister Rahlf for posting these pictures.

We also received these in an email from President and Sister Rahlf

Elder Saguire (Tatay) and (Anak) Elder Navarro

Sister Rahlf-Elder Navarro-President Rahlf

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