Sunday, October 12, 2014

Final Email from the MTC


yeah im soooooooo excited to go!!! i feel like in a way im gonna kinda miss the mtc! we just had in field orientation yesterday!!!  it was such an awesome experience!! learned so much about HOW missionary work really happens... its crazy because as missionaries we are kinda like the head in command of the area we are assigned to! the work depends pretty heavily on our efforts and us relying on the Lord. it was awesome!! those senior pictures look great!!! except for the ball with my name! haha jkjk where were those taken?? they look awesome!! i  got jordan a cool shirt..... how do i send it haha??? but yeah! hows school for him?? ill get a call card.. but ill most likely be calling you at around 8 or 9... somewhere around there... ill try to call from seattle and tokyo.. maybe.. but we dont have much layover time after we leave salt lake.. and im not too worried about the language... i work hard to learn it and ill just have to be patient with myself... and byu lost right? 

Oh funny story.. yesterday at the orientation.. this girl came up to me cuz we had to pick someone and share a scripture with them... long story short.. she asked for my email... i was thinking "seriously??? you're on a mission!!!!!" haha but i got a good laugh out of it.

i hope you got my letter! ummmmm yeah.... these last few days are gonna be cool! tomorrow the branch president is pretty much gonna hang out with the two districts that leave on thursday.. he's gonna show us pictures and stuff which will be cool! but yeah! they said that we will be able to watch meet the mormons on sunday!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! I think ive listened to glorious by david archuleta a thousand times haha.... while i study tagalog of course. and ive watched the trailer more than enough times! ha but yeah! did you see it?? was it good?

well i hope you can email back!! i have like 45 more minutes on email so yeah! 

oh ps.. i have almost the whole first vision memorized sa tagalog! whooooo!!!!

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