Saturday, October 18, 2014

1 month


Its really insane that it has already been a month into the mission! still feels like yesterday i just got here... but its also weird that this feels like the only life ive known! So its really a weird feeling!

This week has been awesome! As expected there were moments of feeling super awesome as well as moments of discouragement... I believe that the Lord is preparing me and i'm getting just a little taste of the joy as well as the hardships that will come up in the mission. One of the sweet joys of the week was this: We have an investigator (our teacher) who has been really the hardest to teach just because he doesnt believe in God all that much and he asks "why" or "how" for every thing we say.. and because of our limited vocab.. it was pretty difficult to be able to teach him anything that would matter... so my companion and I gave planned to teach him about faith because the only way he could know God was to exercise faith and ask him what was truth.. so we did the lesson and i dont remember too much about the lesson besides that we shared a scripture about faith in 2 Nephi 31 (which explains soooooooo greatly what faith is) we were able to help him find out for himself what faith was.. what i really remember tho was how good i felt during the lesson... he would ask a question and i would be able to understand super well what he was saying and i prayed the whole time that i would know what he needs and what to say... and it was as if the words were just flowing from my mouth!! it was such an amazing feeling!! a few days later we taught him again and this time the feeling was the same!! in our evaluation afterwards he was telling us how good he felt as an investigator and that it was the best lesson thus far in the MTC!!

But as a result of this i also learned how sensitive the spirit is! because i guess i was probably feelin a little too good about my tagalog skills.. that in a lesson following we went in and really had like no idea what to say or what she really needed or what she was saying or how to speak tagalog really!! that feeling really was terrible! ha.... but a valuable lesson and humbling experience for sure!!!

Well things are awesome here! just got our flights plans so im supperrr excited!!! we go from SLC to Seattle to Tokyo to Manila!! soooo pumped!!!! 

But yeah have a great week and mahal kita!

Elder Navarro

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