Saturday, October 4, 2014

MTC Priesthood Choir

Dang there seems to be a lot of really exciting and really devestating news going on back home. its crazy you dont realize while you are here how disconnected you are from the world! but it couldnt be truer! I know absolutely nothing from the real world! besides the occasional football update from the branch president who is OBSESSED with football! haha he's super fun though!!! and there are no sisters going to cauayan here right now... however two of the teachers in the tagalog hall are RM's from cauayan so thats pretty cool to talk to them! one of them had president rahlf! she was talking about him the other day and she absolutely loved them! mom i am sooooooo sorry! but i literally do not have time to figure out pictures today... i only have 20 mins of comp time left and i left the camera back at residence! but i promise i willl get it to work next saturday! sorry! i would but we leave at nooon today for SLC... which i am ssuuuuuupppppppeeeeerrrrr excited for !! the director is amazing and the biggest thing he told us is that we are not singing for our own good... we're singing for Heavenly Father! the MTC president was at rehearsal yesterday and he taliked to us about humility! another thing that is cool is that many prayers have been said asking that angels will attend us while we sing! and i have no doubt that Heavenly Father will send down angels to help us! AMAZING!!!! but you have to listen to our songs!!!! were doing things that have never been done at a General Conference before!! its going to be special!!!!!!! :) Love ya!!! and pdays: we go to the temple.. relax a little.. write letters... eat.. play ball if the gym is open... so yeah! MTC basketball and volleyball are SSSUUUPPPPEEERRRR fun bytheway hahaha
Elder Navarro
ohhhhhhh p.s.... its getting kinda chilly here....... sooooooo could you maybe send a nice sweater... like that dark blue and gray one.... maybe... ha thanks!!


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