Saturday, September 27, 2014

Week 2

Kumusta po kayo!

Things over here are finally starting to settle down! The first week of schedule is always kinda different everyday but now we have settled down to a more consistent schedule. for those who asked.. my schedule is like this: 
630 arise and pray
700 planning
730 breakfast
800 personal study
900 companionship study
1000 language study
1115 gym time
1230 lunch
115 classroom instruction
430 more study time
530 dinner
615 classroom
930 return and plan 1030 bedtime

So yeah! So im not sure if i mentioned the investigator we have been teaching in tagalog for the past week, but her name is melody. She's from the Philippines and works for an LDS family. She works to send money to support her family in the phils but there has some problems in the family. She wanted to know why they were so happy! and so we've been teaching her almost every day since we've got to the mtc and its been really hard but ive learned so much from it not only in the language but in how to teach with the spirit. The spirit is literally the most important thing in any meeting with someone who is interested in the church! But we taught her some simple lessons, introduced the Book of Mormon, taught her how to pray and all that jazz! And in our last lesson we invited her to be baptized and she accepted!!!! IT was the greatest feeling in the world!! And even though she was an actor, i had grown to love her character Melody as a child of God!! I was actually kind of shocked at how happy and excited i was!

But yeah so then we didnt have any more lessons with her so we were wondering if we'd ever see her again... but long story short.. she's now one of our teachers in class! haha it was actually pretty weird to see her speak some english and now she was teaching us! kinda cool! But Gosh i dont have much time.... 

I went to choir and found out that there would be a MTC choir singing in general conference!!!!!! for priesthood session!! so obviously not every elder would be able to go so they did a survey to decide who would be in it...I took it... And im in the Elders choir!!!!!! I will have the opportunity to sing at general conference for priesthood session! WAHOO! :) I'm so excited and grateful that i get to part of such an amazing and humbling experience! :)

K out of time! Thanks for all the love and support! Love you all!

Elder Navarro

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