Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's a GREAT day to be a Missionary


Its amazing and surreal that I'm here at the MTC! Its been such and amazing and spiritual experience so far and there is so much to say in terms of what we have done! So i got dropped off and then immediately went to get my name tag and that was an amazing thing in itself because it feels like ive been waiting to see that thing my whole life! The excitement was just overwhelming! We then had a meeting/devotional with part of the MTC presidency with all the new missionaries that day and we sang some songs but the cool thing was that they altered the words on the screen to fit our new call as missionaries! For example, we sang the army of helaman  song and instead of saying "we will be the Lord's missionaries" we sang "we ARE NOW the Lord's missionaries". When we all sang those words and looking around and seeing all the excited missionaries with the newly acquired name tags, it was like a wave of goosebumps all over!!! 

Another cool thing was when i was picked up, Elder Seely came and got me! (for those who dont know him, we were in mission prep together and became friends because we were both going to the Philippines) So that was really comforting and excited to see someone i knew right away and the fact that he was in my zone! Oh, and our zones are basically organized into languages, so my whole zone is learning Tagalog!

Oh Tagalog... I got into my first class and i see a younger man standing in the room, he looks at me and then starts speaking this language to me!! i could recognize it was Tagalog but as to what he was saying.. I had no clue!!! haha and then he didnt stop speaking tagalog to me so really it was like playing a big game of charades for a while! The teacher's name is Brother Kaka and he is from New Zealand. He served his mission in Manila and wow he is an amazing teacher! Everyone who has been here says we are really lucky to have him as our teacher and i can tell why! We learn about how to teach people as we are learning the language! it really helps and i can literally feel the spirit helping us learn and remember! The teachers really  We've made so much progress in these 3 days there is no doubt in my mind that the gift of tongues is real! I've learned more tagalog in 3 days than i have my whole life!

Okay so last night we got the opportunity to teach our first investigator! Her name is Melody. She's filipino and works for and LDS family here in utah. Her family is still in the Philippines and she is having some problems with them, however, we dont know exactly what they are... But so the interesting thing is that SHE DOESNT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. So me and my companion (Elder Hardy from Highland, UT) go in and i felt pretty confident about talking to her for the most part. We shared a scripture with her and it didnt go exactly how we had hoped but ya know.. we felt the spirit so its alright. But the crazy thing is that I could understand what she was saying even though we havent learned most of what she says! The gift of interpretation is real and all the missionaries around me feel the same way!

Anyway im sorry this letter is long... but I know that this is the work of God going on here! Everything we do at the MTC is to help us fulfill our purpose which is to help others come unto Christ! I know He is real and that He lives! I can feel His spirit with us so much more here at the MTC than ever before! Our Heavenly Father knows us and He knows exactly what we need for us to stretch and grow and nothing that happens when we are serving Him is a coincidence. I know it and i'm learning the importance of obedience. 

This has already been fun, exciting, spiritual, and difficult. But i know as we really on our Heavenly Father, he will help us through anything. 

I love you all!

Elder Navarro 

(P.S my p-day is Saturday)

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