Monday, January 5, 2015



We just got back from the Banaue Rice Terraces! Gosh it was super fun as my first zone activity! Super rural over there! Haha saw some naked kids jumped in and out of the pools of the terraces. "Its more fun in the Philippines" :)

But no this week was also great! Had an awesome new years! We had the Elders from Lagawe come over to our apartment (with permission of course) and had a nice dinner and just had a good time! We had a 6:00 "Lockdown" for the whole mission... So Pres. gave us permission to watch a few different movies than are normally allowed! We watched "Son of God" which was pretty awesome. Different honestly watching those things from a perspective without the benefit of modern revelation! But still good that the message of Christ is being spread!

We definitely have seen the influence of the spirit in people's lives! We met a person who hadnt been taught by the missionaries for a while! Then we had an awesome lesson with her... and then she asked if we could share to her cousin! Then when we started talking about the restored gospel blessing families.. there was no doubt that the spirit was speaking to her! she had to just stop because there was a lot of emotions going on... but just a testimony to me that Heavenly Father is preparing people! He loves us!!!!!!!

I ate a ton of balut this last week. funny because i just told my parents that i hadnt had any yet... yeah that night i had some... but surprisingly.. it was super good!!! like i had a few more after that! hahaha.. i admit it had salt and some flavor on it.. but still.. delicious. I also had something called "one day old" which is like balut... but its been born. that wasnt my favorite haha

Anyways mahal ko kayo!

Elder Navarro

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