Monday, August 1, 2016

True Conversion

One of the greatest feelings I've ever experienced in my life have almost always involved others.

The spiritual highlight of the week was definitely Sister Jezalyn Ruiz's baptism. We had it on Sunday instead of Saturday because almost the whole Branch leadership was in Manila to go to the temple. She was so excited and happy to be baptized! Her testimony was super solid as well and what made it better was that her husband and son were there as well. Her husband, Brother Michael is preparing to be baptized this month, so we are excited for that!

She's read the Book of Mormon all the way through already and is starting to read it a second time. in her testimony she that at first, it was hard to believe the Elders when they shared their message, but because of Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost, she came to know that it was true. I have a really, really good feeling about this family and its a privilege to have been a part of the teaching process with them. I've literally seen first hand how God has helped them get to where they are. Even Brother Michael has already made big changes in his life. I know God has been a part of this. There's no other explanation.

Other than that, we have transfer week this week. We've been working really hard this last week and have been really really busy preparing for this upcoming transfer and its brought a lot of stress... but I'm just grateful that Heavenly Father is teaching me on the mission how to deal with this... I'm just afraid it'll be a completely different level of stress after the mission, but I'm not thinking about that. I just trust that Heavenly Father is preparing us for things in the future. I've learned that's one of the reasons we serve Him.

Have a great week!

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