Monday, August 17, 2015

Draw Unto Him

Kamusta, mga family at friends!

Wow. We have seen miracles in our area both large and small! But we met an interesting guy this last week! We were just walking down the street trying to find some new investigators in part of our area, when we hear this peculiar voice coming from one of the homes. He said "Hey dude, wats up man how ya doin?" in like an Italian accent! This was strange 1) because you do come across a whole lot of pure english speakers here and 2) why was it Italian? So we come up to the door and start talking to him. Turns out he grew up in Arab and is a Muslim, but got married to a Filipina. He invited us in and was just the funniest guy in the world! He goes off just saying how he knows more about God than us and just all this funny stuff telling us his whole life story.. (which is really sad!) but then I could tell he enjoyed talking to another english speaker. He accepted a pamphlet and we were on our way. I dont really know why I'm including this but it was just a really funny experience in the moment so I asked to take a picture with Uncle Sam.. That was his name. Anyway.
The Macarubbo family has been doing awesome! One thing I remember was talking about the Holy Ghost with them. We explained how the Holy Ghost testifies of truth and guides us to do the right thing and then Sister Macarubbo's eyes just lit up and she jumped in and said that was so true. Then she shared a powerful testimony of how she had been feeling His influence as she'd been learning about the gospel and going to church! Then Tatay has really been concerned about repentance and how we know when we are forgiven... His faith is so strong in the Atonement and all he wants is just to be forgiven of his mistakes! Its been amazing because he's been so faithful in fasting and giving up his vices like drinking/smoking as well as a ton of other things that he has just straight up given up! Which is nothing short of a miracle in itself! But its such a privilege to know them! Aaaannndddd they've fed a time or two.. which isnt too bad either :)
Also we had interviews this week with President and Sister Rahlf which is always a spiritual experience! He gave me some advice that really hit me to exactly what I needed to improve on. He talked about really burying yourself in the scriptures especially when us as people need and ask for divine assistance in a more than human work. "If we draw unto Him, He will draw unto us" he counseled. And so that is what I've really been focusing on this week... Just immersing myself in the scriptures as much as I can. And I have faith that the Savior of the world will help all those who seek to "draw unto Him."
Another miracle, real quick has been the Pastores family. They've all been less active in the church for years, except their daughter Lyka. And we've been visiting their family consistently ever since I've gotten here in Tuguegarao. But for some reason just last week Brother Pastores decided to come to church! And he was a RM and a seminary teacher in his younger years so he knows a lot about the scriptures and the gospel! But he just felt like he needed to come back to set a good example for his family. So he came with just him and his daughter Lyka and just yesterday his whole family was at church! Oh man how good that felt! And he even asked for a calling as a home teacher. Then I looked at our Ward Mission Leader and he looked at me and we just did a silent celebration as we heard that!
But this work is true! I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is a big way, along with the Bible, that all of us can "draw unto HIM." He will help us and we will be showered with the Lords tender mercies. (1 Nephi 1:20)

Mahal ko kayo!

Elder Navarro


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