Monday, April 6, 2015


So let me start off by saying that we had the funnest P-day activity of my mission so far! We went caving! There's a sweet place here that has awesome caves! We went exploring in the inside (super big and deep) with a guide of course! Literally felt like Lord of the Rings.

But anyways! The baptism we had this last week was the spiritual highlight of the week! Her name is Florimay, she's 20 years old with a child and her family was baptized last November and she joined them this last saturday! The baptismal service was super amazing! I was praying super hard that it would be a spiritual highlight for her and her family, and that prayer was answered! My favorite part was her testimony at the end! She talked about how when the missionaries first started coming, she wanted nothing to do with them. But after her family was converted and she immediately started seeing the change for the better in her family (both spiritually and temporally), she knew that there had to be something! She then described feeling like Enos in the Book of Mormon! Her "soul hungered" and she "knelt down before her Maker" She then described her feelings and experience of coming to know that the church was true! And then the trial of her friends questioning why she was doing what she was doing. And she answered that she knew it was true and had already felt the fruits of the gospel.... she was "hearing the music" as we learned in General Conference! (we dont get to watch it all till next week, but we got a glimpse of it yesterday) Needless to say it was one of the most spiritual moments of my mission so far.

After thinking about that experience I cant think of too much else from our week! haha. But update on the storm over here, we were prepared if something bad happened, but it weakened before it hit over here so we just got a lot of rain and winds. All is well in zion of the philippines! :)

I've been thinking a lot this week about "no regrets" and the concept of the time we have. The time I have on a mission, the time we have on this stage of our eternal progression. My time on the mission and our time in this earth is sooo incredibly short! And honestly goes by sooooo fast! One of my biggest fears is looking back and thinking "I wish I would have done this" or "I should have done that" But I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. We have been given a chance to change.. and opportunity to leave past mistakes behind us and start anew... So maybe we do have a few mistakes, as for me I have a ton! But the invitation is there to ALL, "come unto Christ and be PERFECTED in Him"... I know that this is the "time to prepare to meet God." I want to use the time I have in this life to do the very best I can!

Love you all!

Elder Navarro

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