Monday, March 9, 2015

Crazy Week!!!

Man this week felt like somethin else!

So many things happened within this one week that the things I want to share it all, but cant... good thing I have a journal.

So first with some of the work. We met a lady last week who is the child of one of our investigators and she was way more receptive and interested than the investigator. So a few days later we went back there to her house and we were sharing about the restored gospel and as we were talking about the most important things with her, her phone started ringing like every 10 seconds! haha I was thinking in my head "oh c'mon! this is going so well!" and during one of her phone interruptions, we had the impression that we needed to invite her to be baptized right then! So when she was back, we did! And she accepted right away! Just shows the power of the spirit... then we went back and now her boss called her away so she might have to go abroad to work this week.... sometimes things like that are frustrating, but I'm not getting down about it.

Just for information, my birthday was absolutely fantastic! The members here are incredibly caring and nice so it was an awesome few days!

Another thing, President told us at zone conference that we could go visit Banaue again today! So today we got to go to Banaue again! It was super super relaxing and just nice... that place is really just amazing! And I decided not to hike this time so I wasnt super tired from a long hike ha. Also met some people from Italy, Germany, and England! People come from around the world to see that so that was fun! :)

Aaaannnnndddd this week is transfer week! Crazy how fast its been going its ridiculous! But I guess the time has finally come! I'm being transferred this cycle. I dont know where yet, but I'll know on Wednesday (the day I leave). Every companionship in our zone has a transfer! So hopefully I'll be in the same zone with one of them again because made a lot of really good friends! I have mixed feelings for sure! I'm really really really gonna miss the people here in Lamut. I've grown to love them a ton! And since its my first area they feel like family here in the Philippines. But even though I'm really going to miss them, I'm kind of excited to see whats going to happen these next few days! We'll see!

But Thanks for the support and all the love you show!

Here's something I learned this last week... there is a difference between changing our mind and changing our heart. Changing our mind is like eating vegetables when you're a kid. You dont like vegetables, but you eat them anyway because they're healthy and your parents tell you to. Change of heart is when you eat vegetables because you like them and know that they will help your body grow! Same thing with the gospel! The best spiritual results come when we develop a love and desire to follow the teachings of the Savior! Following Him because we truly love and want to. Instead of doing it because we have to. I know this is true and we will grow closer to Christ through it! :)

love ya!

Elder Navarro

Zone pict at Banaue Rice Terraces

with Sis Konkurat (somehow we are related)

Awesome members surprise bday party

with best friends

Birthday wish granted (island style smores)

Me, Elders Baclea-an and Larona 

future missionary

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